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Exim v 4.94.2 and DKIM

Steve -

Following the release of Exim v 4.94.2 with the security fixes there are some steps to take to fix the DKIM signing functionality for outbound emails.

These address the errors you could see in /var/log/maillog

Tainted filename '/etc/exim/dkim/<your domain>.dkim'
unable to open file for reading: /etc/exim/dkim/<your domain>.dkim

Check your DKIM files are in the /etc/exim/dkim/ directory

In /var/lib/atmail/mailserver/roles/ss1ip/templates/exim/ edit the exim.conf.j2 file

vi /var/lib/atmail/mailserver/roles/ss1ip/templates/exim/exim.conf.j2

there is a section of text for DKIM

add a new line of

DKIM_PATH = /etc/exim/dkim

and change the DKIM_FILE line to


Further down in the transports section replace the dkim_private_key line with

dkim_private_key = ${lookup {DKIM_FILE} dsearch,ret=full {DKIM_PATH}}

Save the file and run a Publish config within the Admin UI.

Check the /etc/exim/exim.conf file has these edits and restart Exim

systemctl restart exim

Send a test email to check if the DKIM-Signature is in the headers.





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