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What is DAV?

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What is DAV? 


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Requirement for understanding of what DAV is and how it is used within the atmail cloud systems. 


Atmail cloud email accounts have the ability to synchronize contacts, tasks, files, and calendars via DAV.

The DAV service provides access to contacts, tasks, files and calendaring services via the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) protocol, and its extensions CalDAV and CardDAV. Both to external clients and within the webmail user interface.

The service is provided by the atmail DAV server, based around Sabre/DAV libraries. It is accessible to atmail user interfaces via JAP, and to third-party applications that support the CalDAV, WebDAV, and CardDAV protocols.

The DAV service is only accessible from the Internet over TLS on TCP port 8443.

Refer to the External Clients section for available guides on how to use DAV. 


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