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cloud servers update 12-08-20 (EU)

Stewart -

Release Overview

Release Date: 12 August 2020 (EU cloud)
Servers: atmail cloud EU servers

Webmail Login

  • Display of the locale selector on the login page is now controlled by webmail domain settings
  • Forgot Password errors resolved

Webmail Interface

  • The "split pane" in the left-navigation menu has been removed. All system folders are now visible by default without scrolling on most screen resolutions
  • Improved performance and message list load time for the Webmail message list
  • Users with transient passwords enabled are no longer shown the service account login form
  • Threaded replies no longer show white space when they have not been expanded
  • Emails with many recipients, or fixed-width content wider than the UI, display correctly in the interface (no longer wrap off screen)
  • Resolved sporadic issue preventing the "Quick Reply" composer from displaying
  • Resolved issue with folders that contain a forward slash "/" displaying an error message to webmail users
  • Improved Italian translation
  • Resolved an issue where, in some circumstances, SENT email could show in the webmail user's Inbox
  • Inline images received from Gmail addresses now display
  • Resolved an issue where, in some circumstances, not all email in a thread would delete from Trash


  • Search performance has been improved by limiting standard searches to data from To, From and Subject fields unless a webmail user selects "Advanced Search". Webmail users now need to either press "enter" or click "search" to initiate the search.


  • Performance improvement for retrieving contacts and loading contact groups

Webmail Settings

  • Email Rules
  • Folders are now sorted alphabetically
  • Folder paths are now displayed to improve the experience of setting rules for sub-folders


  • Underlying infrastructure deployment for upcoming feature release: 2FA
  • Improved alignment of UI elements



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