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CoS Admin Guide

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How do I use my CoS (Class of Service) installation?


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Requirement to use CoS within your on-premises installation.


Creating profiles

Profiles are the fundamental element to group services and be assigned to a consumer ( user account or domain). A profile includes a collection of selected services with each service having specified settings. For example, the below list can be created as a profile:

Selected CoS 
Selected Setting
Premium Anti-Spam ON
Advertising OFF
Total Quota 1G

CoS profiles can be managed via the mail server admin portal. Login to mail server admin panel, go to Services > COS SERVICE > Manage Profile.

In Select a profile field, select Create new profile

Then input name (e.g Free) in New profile name area

Overwrite any system default settings as needed,

Then Save profile


Repeat above step to create other profiles.

Assigning profiles

Set a profile as default

In above section, you can also set a profile as default. A default profile means the settings in default profile will be applied if no overrides found.

Assign a profile to a domain

Each domain can be assigned a profile, which will be applied to all accounts in this domain, except those accounts which have been assigned their own profiles.


Assign a profile to an account

Each account can be assigned a profile, which will override the settings on the domain level.


Set user exception

In come case, we may want keep the profile but only override a specific settings to a specific, then user exception can be used for this purpose.



Manage CoS via CLI

Below command will start cosadm in cli (command line) mode

$ cosadm cli

Once within the cli mode, there will be a >>> prefix.

List services

To quick test cos has been installed correctly

service > ls

With the above command you need to first use cosadm cli to enter cli mode, then type service enter, then ls. As shown below.

cosadm cli
>>> service
service > ls
| PRODUCT NAME |            SERVICE ID             |          SERVICE NAME          |  SETTINGS   |  TYPE   |
| aspamd       | anti_malware.inbound              | Atmail Spamd Proxy (Anti       |           0 | Boolean |
|              |                                   | Malware)                       |             |         |
| aspamd       | anti_spam.inbound                 | Atmail Spamd Proxy (Anti Spam) |           0 | Boolean |
| dav          | calendar                          | Calendar                       |           1 | Boolean |
| dav          | tasks                             | Tasks                          |           1 | Boolean |
| platform     | authenticated_allow_all_envelopes | Outbound Envelope =            |           0 | Boolean |
|              |                                   | Authenticated not enforced     |             |         |
| platform     | max_mail_size                     | Max Email Size                 |    52428800 | Integer |
| platform     | total_quota                       | Total Storage Quota            | 10737418240 | Integer |
| webmail      | advertising                       | Advertising Service            |           0 | Boolean |


Create a new profile

The following command will create a new profile named 'Free'.

profile > new Free 1

List profiles

The following command lists all profiles.

profile > ls 1


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