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Advertising allows you to potentially generate revenue by placement of advertising inside the webmail application.


The webmail application has been designed to have many different places for adverts to be served. Below is a short description and placement of the available areas.

Placement and sizes

Webmail User Interface

The webmail UI has 3 locations that advertisements can be placed detailed below



The login page can have left, right and bottom areas populated.

Note: Mobile UI only supports the login - bottom area.

Message/Thread List


The Message and Thread list locations have the following areas defined:

  • Message List - Top
  • Message List - Right
  • Thread List - Top
  • Thread List - In-feed

Note: the Thread List areas are unavailable with the Mobile UI.


To install the advertising component, please see Installation and configuration.


To turn on advertising in your environment, please ensure all items in the plugin have been configured. atmail api will then post the configuration to the webmail host. There is nothing further to configure.

API Usage

This is the advertising settings that webmail receives from apiserver.

// API global settings for advertising config
    isAdSpaceEnabled: true,
    isAdSpaceWebUIEnabled: true,
    isAdSpaceMobileUIEnabled: true,

    adMobile: {
        threadListTop: [{...}],
        threadListInFeed: [{...}],
        loginPageBottom: [{...}]

    adWeb: {
        messageListTop: [{...}],
        messageListRight: [{...}],
        threadListTop: [{...}],
        threadListInFeed: [{...}],
        loginPageLeft: [{...}],
        loginPageRight: [{...}],
        loginPageBottom: [{...}]
messageListTop: [{
    enabled: false,
    width: 728,
    height: 90,
    provider: 'name-of-ad-server',
    html: '<div id="targetElement"></div>',
    mainScript: '<script type="text/javascript" src="//api"/>',
    subScript: '
        function() {
            // Usually, triggers creation of ad.


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