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SMTPS on port 587

Stewart -


I want to enable SMTPS on port 587.


  • atmail mail server


Exim (and most SMTP servers) only start TLS, or SSL connections after being prompted with the STARTTLS command. There is an older implementation that presents SSL on connection however, and this can be enabled via atmail.


  1. Open up /var/lib/atmail/mailserver/roles/ss1ip/templates/exim/exim.conf.j2.
  2. Locate:
    tls_on_connect_ports = 465
  3. Change to:
    tls_on_connect_ports = 465:587
  4. Save changes and publish config.

    When making changes to the ansible templates, save your changes then go to your webadmin > services tab and hit publish config, for the changes made to become active.
  5. Afterwards, restart Exim. 
    systemctl restart exim


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