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cloud servers update 14-08-19 (EU)

Glen Lynden -

Release Overview

Release Date: 14 August 2019 (EU cloud)
Servers: atmail cloud EU servers

Release Summary

  • Multiple user experience enhancements
  • Russian language pack
  • Enhanced Class of Service features
  • Multiple product improvements and bug fixes

New Features

atmail suite

UX Enhancements

  • Webmail

    • Webmail users can now disable (and re-enable) conversation threading
    • Added a visual indication to highlight emails that have been replied or forwarded
    • Enhanced email filtering allowing quick access to read, unread or starred email
    • Added a bulk email selection drop-down, supporting the selection of all email (including email messages that are not rendered on screen) and specific email statuses (read, unread, starred, not starred)
    • As a privacy enhancement, a webmail user can now disable (and re-enable) email preview text, so that only the sender and email subject are displayed in the message list
    • Added the ability to set email priority within the email composer; the receiver will see a visual indication of the email priority within the message list and open email message
    • New "quick-view" of the webmail user's contact list within the email composer; supports the rapid selection of multiple contacts to add as recipients
    • Image attachments now render a thumbnail preview
  • Calendar

    • Webmail users can now set their preferred default calendar view (day, week, month, agenda)
  • Contacts 

    • Webmail users can now add, delete and rename contact groups from the Contacts sidebar
  • Login 

    • Webmail login page now supports language selection for enhanced localisation
  • Language Packs    

    • Russian translation is now available

Cloud Webadmin


  • Enhanced support for cloud migrations - redirecting users who have not yet migrated to the legacy system

Webmail Settings

  • Support for external password management, including a custom password reset URL
  • Set a default language for the webmail login page
  • The advertising management interface has been relocated from its own tab within the Webadmin interface to a new location under Services > Webmail Integrations
  • The descriptive text within the advertising management interface has been improved to clarify where each ad-zone will render advertisements in the Webmail interface
  • Option to enable/disable iOS profile download on the Webmail login page for mobile devices
  • Added the ability for Admins to change the default text shown within the email composer when a webmail user is composing a new email

Class of Service (CoS)

  • CoS can now control access to the following features via profiles and specific account exceptions:
    • Inbound Premium Antispam and Malware Detection 
    • Calendar
    • Tasks
    • Outbound Envelope = Authenticated not enforced
    • SPAM auto deletion policy
    • Trash auto deletion policy
    • Max email size (inbound and outbound)
    • Total Quota
    • Advertising service
  • CoS is controlled by atmail's Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) model to support fine grained decisions on which admins can control settings

Product Improvements


  • Multiple product improvements

    • In-App Help
      • Help files now include enable and disable spam functionality
      • Help guide for auto-deletion of messages updated
      • Help guide for new email selection and filtering functionality
      • Improved consistency within help text, all references to "emails" has been changed to "email(s)"
    • Draft Duplicates
      • Improved error handling relating to drafts and IMAP errors
    • Webmail Interface
      • Webmail now correctly handles /noselect folders
      • Descriptive text for webmail settings and toggle switches have been updated for improved clarity and enhanced user experience
      • Empty fields within Contacts, Calendars and Tasks are not displayed outside of edit mode
      • Wrapping within the 'To' field in the composer has been improved
      • Various responsive CSS rules have been improved for mobile devices
      • The "time picker" (clock UI) for calendar and tasks has been replaced with a more intuitive interface
      • Improved terminology consistency: all references to "Flag" or "Flagged" have been changed to "Star" or "Starred"
      • When sharing a calendar to many different email addresses, the UI will not overflow
    • Language Packs
      • All translations have been updated and improved 
      • Hebrew translation updated ("add task", "forward" and "to" field)
    • Error Messages
      • Various error messages have been improved and translated
    • IE11 Support
      • Improved typing speed on the login page


  • API Login: Invalidate stored passwords
    • Force checking IMAP and skipping internal API authentication check when not in IMAP auth mode
  • Mail
    • Mime
      • Various improvements have been made to the email mime parser
      • Support invalid media type with duplicate named properties
      • Emails containing a document without a mime structure are not downloadable properly from webmail
    • Resilience
      • Webmail client will now attempt retries for API requests that return 5xx
      • Mailbox roles are now remembered upon first discovery
    • Scaling
      • Improved various functions to improve at scale performance for apiadmin utility
    • Import
      • Improved handling of distribution list vcard import to support `MEMBER` group kind and CN entries

Bug Fixes

atmail suite         

  • When I create a folder in another browser with same login user, that folder is not displayed instantly or after refresh in the first browser
  • White Scroll bar (with shadow bar) is displayed on mail left panel when in RTL-hebrew
  • After successful login using a one-time password, the user updates the password and then 15 seconds later is kicked out of the login
  • Webmail selected count error
  • Importing contacts not working for some combinations of VCARDs
  • Support parsing emails that contain unused parameters in some mime fields
  • Responsive CSS is broken for wrapping UI items in the composer
  • On error, webmail is not displaying the error text
  • If a user has an invalid theme ID in their settings it breaks webmail
  • Support invalid media type with duplicate named properties
  • Webmail allows selection of /noselect folders
  • Login screen `login` button always displays blue button on IE (11.503) when themed
  • "No emails to list" message is not vertically centred
  • Updating blacklist / whitelist settings when other spam handling features are disabled results in spam being marked as spam and not trashed
  • Remove show/hide block sender when spam is enabled or disabled as these are decoupled functions from spam
  • Block sender isn't shown on first login even if spam is enabled
  • Webmail integration plugin does not support certain characters in custom forgot password template
  • Freshly created read only calendars can have events edited
  • Added cache clear functions
  • Change translation of the selection tool
  • Enable / disable spam should leave black and whitelists open
  • Fix Hebrew translation - The "to" field, change it to "אל" (instead of "עד")
  • Calling setSettings without spam settings results in sieve error
  • Editing a saved draft for in reply thread and 'SEND' results to multiple email thread and in reply section still editable
  • Emails containing a document without a mime structure are not downloadable properly from webmail
  • Three dots for forwards in Sent folder are not clickable in Hebrew
  • Empty horizontal line appears at the bottom of message header when browser is resized
  • Remembered contacts aren't available in the session they're created in
  • Select all emails then deleting doesn't delete all messages in thread.
  • Horizontal scrollbar appears on thread filter menu
  • IE11, Forgot password link should open a new window
  • When replying to a message in Firefox the composer bar disappears.
  • 'SPAM' folder in all languages except Hebrew is not translated

Known Issues Resolved

atmail suite

  • Microsoft Edge has issue with printing. Print doesn't work with version 44.17763.1.0 (even on any web page). To resolve this, please update edge to latest version.


Known Issues Outstanding

atmail suite

  • API call getContacts → blank {} properties is treated as NULL
  • atmail suite → When receiving a thread update, the avatar is not updated to latest replied user
  • Some mail is not reported due to virtual folder dovecot bug when using file-based indexes (clear virtual indexes as a workaround)
  • RPM script doesn't output the right configure command as shown in help centre
  • Transient password accounts will not work if the domain is switch back to normal logins and vice versa
  • Combined quota will only update on login if SSE is disabled or in error.
  • Mini calendar isn't formatted correctly for 12h time. AM and PM are placed on new lines and the text is too small.
  • Calendar entries that are not parsed correctly by the DAV server will not be displayed
  • SSE not idling on selected mailbox
  • Advanced search's "has attachment" option is wrapped on some screens with high resolutions.
  • Repetitive error when attempting to decline an event invitation that originates in Outlook.
  • Webmail and email domain names are interchanged when fetching settings for users. Please ensure both email and web hostname settings for api match.

atmail mail server

  • On first installation, if a domain is created before services are published the domain will be unavailable to the API.

atmail DAV server

  • Quota allocated for storage cannot be changed via UI, DB only.
  • Shared calendar renaming only updates name itself, not all shared calendar renamed

atmail Storeman

  • Mailstore mailboxes archive correctly, but do not delete the mailbox files when the account is actively being accessed.  Set the account deletion delay to greater than 1 day, or ensure the deleted account isn't being accessed via webmail.



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