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atmail suite - 8.6.0 / atmail DAV server - 8.6.0 / atmail mail server - 8.6.0

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Release overview

Release Date: 11 March 2019
Release Versions: atmail suite - 8.6.0 / atmail DAV server - 8.6.0 / atmail mail server - 8.6.0

Breaking Changes

atmail mail server

  • "god" role name is changed to "SuperUser"

New Features

Product Component Title Summary

atmail suite

atmail suite Mail Hebrew translation

New translation available

atmail suite Mail Right to Left support

Added right to left rendering

atmail suite Mail Polish translation

New translation available

atmail suite Mail Support Alias Login

Supports user alias logins

atmail suite Mail Receipt Requests and Delivery Notifications

Read receipt and DSN options

atmail suite Mail Date/Time formatting

Option to select exact time of delivery rather then relative

atmail suite Mail Login locale selection

Added a drop down to allow selection of locale from default on the login page

atmail suite Stats Improved Stat Reporting

Improved statistics reporting

atmail mail server

mail server administration Multi-server scripting support

Added multi-node/server scripts support for mail server


Product Improvements

atmail suite Mail Privacy Options

Enhanced image options to only load remote content after user explicit action

atmail suite Mail Login Translation

Login page now translated correctly

atmail suite Mail Improve Font Size

Some font sizes are inappropriate and have been updated

atmail suite API Improved mime handling

Improved the mime processing of some multipart mime emails

atmail suite Mail Delivery Notifications

Enhanced delivery notifications

Bug Fixes

atmail suite

  • When sharing a file it breaks the preview
  • Old accounts don't get My Files even though it's turned on
  • No COMBINED_QUOTA setting in config breaks My Files
  • Attachments with special characters do not render a preview correctly
  • Calendar doesn't update graphical view on event update
  • If a send message timeouts results in error message of EOF
  • Invisible 3 dots for more menu in mailcomposer
  • 'OK' in calendar pop up is not translated
  • Some parts in Help Center > Mail are not translated
  • Unable to select/deselect categories in the dropdown
  • Cannot send to a some groups
  • Add Event - Can't select the original default calendar after selecting another calendar as default
  • Improve Font Size Selection
  • Multi Select>Right Click More Menu> UncheckMultiSelect, The pop up more menu options still shows and able to delete the unchecked emails
  • Multi Select>Right Click More Menu>Delete is not working, only current item where the cursor is placed is deleted
  • Can't create task with select date reminder
  • Incorrect Folder Structure Naming when going to favorites folder (My files)
  • Click OK in rename do not show any prompt or pop up box is not closing
  • 'Left side Menu open' button not displayed when screen is resized, some headers too not displayed
  • Rescheduled events show in webmail UI at the original and the new time and in third party at the original time (not the new)
  • Multi Select>Right Click>More Menu>Print - Prints only 1 item from the selected emails
  • Cannot export contacts if no contacts are in groups, 'all' option is disabled
  • Mobile View - Delete Message Pop Up for Repeated Events cannot be close
  • Mobile View - My files - clicking delete link will auto download the file
  • Font Popup is not closing after selecting font size
  • Mobile View (RTL/Non RTL) - My Files Show/Hide Folder's arrow when click hides the side menu bar
  • Mobile View - (RTL/NonRTL) Compose Message - Some formatting not working
  • Mobile View - Attach from My Files - How to Attach Prompt "Close" button need to click twice before pop up closes
  • Mobile View (RTL/NonRTL) App List Box floating when you select again the same app
  • Language Select UI on Sign In Page is incorrect format
  • Mobile View - RTL/Non RTL - App Wide - Long Press an item for more menu (right click in web) opens the mail or file
  • Sieve - Can save an invalid rule
  • Invalid Sieve Prompt Text is doubled
  • Block Remote Content Not Translated
  • Draft did not clear after sending an edited draft in inline reply thread
  • All Day Event do not update to custom date and time thru drag and drop
  • Task Reminder (Select Date) auto populates with 'at the time of event' but not saving the task
  • Mail Rule Action 'Delete', 'Mark as important','mark as read' goes to Archive when there is another 'blank subject rule' created
  • Report Spam Failed when switched to IMAP account
  • Mark as important not working (star/unstar)
  • Code Break when changing language in settings (only in Firefox browser)
  • Can't change a calendar from 'shared calendar' to 'user calendar' when updating a single repeated event
  • Cant share a calendar to a group
  • Webmail Login: fail to trim white space
  • When in multi select, reply, reply all, forward and report to spam emails are not automatically unchecked or refreshed
  • Adding Contact with Company only auto populates firstname and lastname
  • Task created but when opening again the add new task window - 'oops error occurred was shown'
  • Multi Selected Files in My Files after download still checked or selected
  • When 'Enable ManageSieve service' is turned off in mailserver, blank pop up is displayed when i create new mail rule
  • When deleting a folder with emails, emails are sent to inbox on deletion
  • Forwarding rich text image in composer doesn't render
  • After Adding New Contacts, they don't show up in the list

atmail mail server

  • Router filter on Dashboard > Received Mail doesn't work
  • Mailserver - if DAV provisioning is enabled but username is empty, selectig an account in the user manager results in an error.
  • ElasticSearch Error is displayed when trying to search in logs for mailserver
  • Initial password isn't stored in database for previous password checks on user creation
  • RBAC: Can't see domain in webmail settings even though I have access to it

atmail DAV server 

  • Calendar updates sending multiple events


atmail suite

  • Password policy to include white/black list words
  • Tasks Page - Time box not automatically resize when screen is minimised
  • Create in-app help for Tasks
  • Update translations
  • Downloading attachment waits for full download before showing
  • Translation: not all strings in the in-app help are translated
  • Arrow for show/hide child folder overlaps with folder name
  • All child folders are indented right, no margin to identify they are child folders
  • Bad formatting of keyboard shortcut in edit identity more menu for some languages
  • Login isn't translated
  • Remove page reload when new locale set
  • 1st item in calendar list and also in shared calendar don't have any labels when hovering a long calendar name
  • Font Size in Compose not translated
  • Emoji descriptions are not translated
  • Calendar list items continuously re-render
  • No email preview - improved mime handling
  • Email Preview layout has no margin between the email header and the body
  • Task Choose Date/Time Pop up 'OK' not translated
  • Mobile View - Mark as important (translated) hover text is almost at the edge of the screen, need some margin
  • Mobile View - My Files File Preview header and Share Link pop up texts overflows, screen should be responsive when in mobile
  • Mobile View (RTL/Non RTL) - App Menu List don't have a scroll bar when phone is in landscape orientation
  • Mobile view - portrait mode - headers are overlapping in move to/copy to action
  • Send an automated reply Date pop up 'ok' and 'cancel' not translated
  • Signature overlaps with delete and edit icons
  • Mobile View - Formatting Text and Icons for Edit Signature are not displayed
  • Mobile View - Pictures on all items in 'in-app' help are not responsive in portrait mode
  • Mobile View - Settings-Mail-Edit Signature - lowercase texts are not fully underlined
  • 3rd Party Account System Created Folder's more menu error message improvement
  • RTL/Non RTL - Mobile - Multiple Select>Hold>More Menu Option, UI distorted when in landscape mode
  • Webmail should also has the option of showing exact date/time of received email
  • Added calendar requires to scroll down. User might not aware that it has been added.
  • Add locale selector to login page
  • Hide the items in account mail settings that are not applied when the account is loaded as one of the external accounts
  • Change all references to "God" in the UI to "SuperUser"
  • Improved upload files support in 'myfiles'

atmail mail server

  • Initial password isn't stored in database on user creation
  • Change all references to "God" in the UI to "SuperUser"

Known Issues Outstanding

atmail suite

  • API call getContacts → blank {} properties is treated as NULL
  • atmail suite → When receiving a thread update, the avatar is not updated to latest replied user
  • Some mail is not reported due to virtual folder dovecot bug when using file based indexes (clear virtual indexes as a workaround)
  • RPM script doesn't output the right configure command as shown in help centre
  • Transient password accounts will not work if the domain is switch back to normal logins and visa versa
  • Combined quota will only update on login if SSE is disabled or in error.
  • Mini calendar isn't formatted correctly for 12h time. AM and PM are placed on new lines and the text is too small.
  • Calendar entries that are not parsed correctly by the DAV server will not be displayed
  • SSE not idling on selected mailbox
  • Advanced search's "has attachment" option is wrapped on some screens with high resolutions.
  • Repetitive error when attempting to decline an event invitation that originates in Outlook.
  • Webmail and email domain names are interchanged when fetching settings for users. Please ensure both email and web hostname settings for api match.

atmail mail server

  • On first installation, if a domain is created before services are published the domain will be unavailable to the API.

atmail DAV server

  • quota allocated for storage cannot be changed via UI, DB only.
  • Shared calendar renaming only updates name itself, not all shared calendar renamed.

atmail Storeman

  • Mailstore mailboxes archive correctly, but do not delete the mailbox files when the account is actively being accessed.  Set the account deletion delay to greater than 1 day, or ensure the deleted account isn't being accessed via webmail.


Upgrade Guides

Upgrading to 8.6.0 from 8.5.x

atmail api server

During the upgrade of atmail api server please consider the following:

Schema changes

--- a/resources/schema.sql
+++ b/resources/schema.sql
@@ -163,8 +163,12 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS GlobalSettings (
HideSpamScoreSlider Bool NOT NULL DEFAULT FALSE,
GoogleDrivePickerConfig TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT “”,
+    DisplayDateTime Bool DEFAULT FALSE,
DropboxPickerConfig TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT “”,
OnedrivePickerConfig TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT “”,
+    AdvertisingConfig TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT “”,
+    ComposerPlaceholderText VARCHAR(256) DEFAULT “”,
+    LocaleSelectEnabled Bool DEFAULT TRUE,
insert into GlobalSettings values ();
@@ -257,5 +261,5 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS LocalPartEmailProviders (


When upgrading please ensure you run the schema upgrade tools:

apiserver --updatedb
cd /usr/share/atmail/dav/; php ./scripts/update.php
cd /usr/share/atmail/mailserver/webui; php ./utilities/db.php

Mail server and Storeman relies on each other publishing to a message bus (REDIS). Configurations for the redis hosts are found in the following:

Storeman: /etc/atmail/storeman/storeman.yaml

Mail server: SQL-mailserver.Config. When sessionType is set to redis.

Feature Guides

atmail class of service daemon and client

atmail provides a class of service daemon which runs using nats for communication and consul for service discovery. This service provides a fine grain control over your feature licenses.


Install the packages.

yum install atmail-cos*.x86_64.rpm


Configure cosd by editing /etc/atmail/cos/cosd.yaml

Alternatively you can use the following sed commands to set the configuration.

sed -i -- ‘s/cosadmin/admin/g’ /etc/atmail/cosd/cosd.yaml
sed -i -- ‘s/changeme/password/g’ /etc/atmail/cosd/cosd.yaml
sed -i -- ‘s|root:root@tcp(localhost:3306)/mailserver|root:root@tcp(localhost:3306)/mailserver|g’ /etc/atmail/cosd/cosd.yaml
#Atmail ID sed -i -- ‘s/your_id/’ /etc/atmail/cosd/cosd.yaml #License Key(s) for purchased features which are separated by a | character sed -i -- ‘s/your_licenses/01234-abcde-43210-edcba-zxywv|11234-abcde-43210-edcba-zxywv/g’ /etc/atmail/cosd/cosd.yaml


To run the services the dependencies must be met.

To start the service

systemctl enable atmail-cosd atmail-cosadm
systemctl start atmail-cosd atmail-cosadm
systemctl status atmail-cosd atmail-cosadm


Using cosadm via cli

To use the cos administration as a cli client:

cosadm --mysql_dsn=your_mysql_dsn --registry=consul --broker=nats cli

atmail renamer API

The API provided by this service is REST based. A successful response is always HTTP response 204 with no body.


This root endpoint allows the client to rename a user across all services. HTTP method and URI:

POST /rename
{“Username”:“”, “NewUsername”:“new@existing.domain”}

Success Response

HTTP code 204 - No Content

Failure responses

If a non 204 HTTP status code is returned, please refer to this section.

  • Invalid payload - HTTP code 400 and a response body {"error":"Invalid request payload"}
    The client should assess the payload for errors.
  • Database error - HTTP code 400 and a response body {"error":"Cannot connect to database"} or {"error":"Database transaction failed"}
    No retry is performed and the client should reissue the request after sometime or abort the request.
  • If the new username's domain is not present in atmail mail server a Domain not found - HTTP code 200 will be returned with a response body {"error":"Domain not found"}
  • if the existing username is not found in any of the services (DAV,MS,JMAP) a Username not found - HTTP code 200 will be returned with a response body {"error":"User not found"}
  • General - A HTTP code 200 will be returned if A general failure to rename the username has occured. The response body is {"error":"Rename failed"}
    No retry is performed and the client should reissue the request after sometime or abort the request. The client should stop all communication if a general error persists.

Read Receipts


Originally proposed in RFC 2298 (then RFC 3798, now RFC 8098), Message Disposition Notifications (MDNs) or Return Receipts, most commonly known as "Read Receipt"; is an acknowledgement by the recipient's email client to the sender that the email has been received and eventually will be read. While most email clients will send a response email back as the acknowledgement, it of course depends on the client as some do not send anything. The behaviour of how Mail User Agents (MUAs) should handle MDNs over IMAP4 is defined in RFC 3503.

The purpose of the notification is to indicate if it has been read by a recipient or (in combination with DSN) say deleted before being read. The normal use case is after the first time a user opens an email message, the client will prompt the user whether or not to send a return receipt.

Some clients support a non-standard method by adding a Return-Receipt-To header. Whilst this is somewhat supported and used methods over the protocol are used due to standards compliance.


To request a read receipt, either in the popup or inline composer, simply open the drop down menu on the send button and select Request read receipt.


A chip will be placed at the top of the composer indicating that a MDN will be requested once the email has been sent.


When receiving a read receipt request you will be prompted to either send an acknowledgment or ignore the request.



  • As MDNs are optional, due to privacy concerns, please be aware that recipients do not have to respond to such requests.

  • Outlook for Mac supports RR via Exchange accounts only
  • all versions of iMail do not support responding to a read receipt request

Delivery Status Notifications


The extended SMTP protocol contains a feature called Delivery Status Notification which has been around since 1982. In various guises over the years, starting with RFC 821. Here, DSN would present users with either an error message or nothing; so you didn't really know if your email had arrived or not.

RFC 1891 introduced extensions to the MAIL and RCPT SMTP protocol commands that presented a more usable DSN system. Our implementation uses the RCPT DSN extensions; namely NOTIFY.

Marking a recipient with a NOTIFY extension when DSN is supported will ask the server to send responses about certain statuses when delivering the mail. The following values can be used:

  • NEVER - as the value implies, no notification will be sent
  • SUCCESS - this will notify you when your mail has arrived at its destination
  • FAILURE - you will be notified that there has been an error in delivery
  • DELAY - this value will notify you of any unusual delay in delivery; this does not indicate success or failure however.

These features will enable the sender to eventually and hopefully receive a DSN notifying you of a success.


To request a DSN, either in the popup or inline composer, simply open the drop down menu on the send button and select Request Delivery Notification.


A chip will be placed at the top of the composer indicating that a DSN will be requested once the email has been sent.


Once sent you will receive a similar notification to below.



Please be aware of the following :

  • Rule should only be placed on your edge MX, it is not recommended for internal hops.
  • In order for delivery status notifications (DSN) to function the MTA needs to support and advertise DSN on the protocol level.
  • a response to a DSN request does not guarantee delivery.
  • A 'relayed to non-DSN-aware mailer' response indicates that your message has been relayed through a mailer that does not support DSN. Do not expect any further updates in general

Right to left support

Right to left support is enabled when a language is selected that requires it.

To enable this mode simply select your desired language.

The layout is updated to reflect right to left requirements of the selected language.


Date/Time formatting

Date and time formatting for the main mail list has been improved to allow easier comprehension of the arrival date and time of emails.  Please note, date formatting will be determined by browser settings. Firefox and Chrome may require browser locale settings to be explicitly set to your locale to override defaults.


The following display rules are used:

Within 24hrs → display the relative time since arrival


Outside 24hrs → display the date since arrival

Locale Login

You can select a locale to use for the login page by using the drop down menu provided.


Privacy Options

You can now protect your privacy by only allowing remote images when you want.


When reading an email that contains remote image content, a chip will be displayed at the top of the email indicating that some remote content has not been loaded. Simply click the display option in the chip and the email's remote content will be displayed. When re-visiting the same email in a session, the preference to load remote images is retained.




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