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How do I submit a new support request?

Stewart -

You can submit a support request in one of two ways. 

  1. Log into atmail help centre account and submit a new request (Preferred method. This is the preferred method as it then also allows you to update and view all previous support tickets submitted).

    • Once logged into the atmail help centre, click the New request button.


    • Complete the form, providing as much detail of your request as possible. You can set the priority of the ticket you are about to submit, however, please refer to the incident priority matrix to determine priorities. Once complete, click Submit to submit your request.


  2. Send support request email to Please include as much detail as possible.

    • Subject: Please provide brief overview of the request

    • Description: Please provide the full details of your request. 

    • cloud or on-premises?: Please let us know if your atmail account is a cloud or on-premises account.

    • on-premises installation operating system: If you are running atmail on-premises, please let us know your OS.


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