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EU servers cloud update 20-3-18

Stewart -

Release overview

Release Date: 20 March 2018
Servers: atmail cloud EU servers
Release Versions: atmail suite - 8.3.4 / atmail dav server - 8.3.4 / atmail mail server - 8.3.4


atmail mail server summary


  • Administration API: User Level Forwarding functionality

atmail suite summary

Improvement Highlight

  • Parser for date header in emails improved (Some email headers report "invalid date")
  • Removed "Coming Soon" place holder items cluttering UI


  • Duplicate key warnings
  • Duplicated event created when an event is accepted.

Known Issues

  • API call getContacts → blank {} properties is treated as NULL
  • atmail suite → When receiving a thread update, the avatar is not updated to latest replied user
  • Some mail is not visible due to virtual folder configuration
  • RPM script doesn't output the right configure command as shown in help center
  • High socket count footprint for API server
  • SSE connection timeouts too high
  • Redis connections leak during some functions

atmail dav summary

Improvement Highlights

  • Set lastUpdated for quota table to default of current_time()


  • Rescheduled recurring Invitations using external clients iCal to Outlook




T Key Summary Description Status Component(S)
Bug AT8-426 Duplicated event created when accept event.

Step to reproduce.

1. Have 2 accounts (A, B), A, B have no calendar event.
2. A creates an event and set B as an attendee.
3. Login to B
4. B receives the invite and accept it.
5. B logouts/re-login and go to calendar.
Expected : one event created.
Actual : two events created.

DONE Webmail, Calendar, Dav 
Bug AT8-417 Duplicate key warning

Duplicate key warnings in browser console:


DONE Core 
Bug AT8-335 Can't set AccessTokenExpiry

apiadmin errors:

Webmail Integration plugin fails to set, silently to check, use apiadmin setting list

Bug AT8-225 Invalid Date

Email produces invalid Date.

Improvement AT8-82 Set lastUpdated for quota table to default of current_time()

Set lastUpdated for quota table to default of current_time()

Task AT8-419 Remove "Coming Soon" Items.

Coming soon items not working:

Would it therefore be possible to hide it in the end-user webmail?


DONE  Webmail UI
Task AT8-369 Mailserver API: User Level Forwarding functionality.

API for email Forward should be same as ‘create’, ‘list’, ‘delete’ for Aliasses.


DONE Mail server, Mail Server API
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