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atmail suite - 8.3.0/atmail dav - 1.2.0

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atmail suite 8.3.0 introduces several new features and improvements, an improved application switcher and resolves various bugs.

Highlights from this release

  1. Contact views
  2. Improved application switcher
  3. Global address list
  4. DAV performance improvements



New Features/Enhancements

Summary Description
Contact Views
  • Global address book
  • Favourites
  • Remembered
Contact views

Add Contact views

  • Starred
  • Favorites
  • Remembered
  • Global

Tasks supported as a new "tab" in UI


AppBar for file view

Created an AppBar for file view. It includes icons/menu for the following functionality:

  • Download file
  • Print file
  • Delete file
  • Move file
  • Share/un-share file
Support for feature toggling

Add support for feature toggling.

The API sends an object in the user's settings that are loaded on login. The webmail client processes this object and disables (i.e. does not display) any features that are not enabled.


Feature Improvements

Summary Description
Modified ApplicationSwitcher to allow more options

Modified the ApplicationSwitcher component to include

  • Files/Storage
  • Tasks

Bug Fixes

Summary Description
Recurrent event implementation may have caused high load

The implementation of handling recurrent event in A8 webmail UI may have caused a performance issue. 

Delete 'just this occurrence' function doesn't work

'Delete just this occurrence', the event returned after a browser refresh

Cannot edit calendar after created

Create a calendar event > save, could not edit/update.

Spam Sensitivity Setting Removes Folder Filtering

Setting the spam sensitivity option removes folder filtering lines from sieve files. 
Setting folder filtering set spam sensitivity back to 5.

Auto reply has a start and end date but dates are not applied

Auto reply has a start and end date which only set the amount of days between responses to individual recipients. 

New Application Switcher

New Application Switcher should use Popover component

Tasks menu does not popover when using hamburger in tablet mode

Tasks menu does not popover when using hamburger in tablet mode

Reminders for tasks are not working

Not receiving reminders for the tasks.

New category should be auto selected while creating a new task

Create a new task , go to category, create a new category and click ok the category should be automatically selected.

App menu does not open in Safari on Mac

In Safari on a mac running High Sierra the app selector no longer opens.

Calendar events not displaying the edit button

Some calendar events are not displaying the edit button

Remaining time

Remaining time or Passed time in Task list is difficult to read

Cached tasked reminders

Cached tasked reminder shows when deleting event in calendar or on load


Summary Description
International strings

All international strings include a description

Import translation files

Import the translation files returned from the translator


Summary Description
Current task categories

On first log in the current task categories were not populated correctly.

Task with a custom category

Create a task with a custom category and save, then click to view - the task is missing the category. Saving the task then removes the category from the backend.

If a new task after refresh you cannot save it. 

tasks > new task, then refresh - new task view will be loaded again, enter a title then click save.

API server 8.3.0



New Features/Enhancements 

Summary Description
Global address list

Support GAL in SabreDAV

Bug Fixes

Summary Description
Calendar Invite Generated from Reminder Dismissal

Recurring event errors

Existing calendar shares are lost upon update

Adding new calendar shares error

No Authorization Basic header found

Get the following error when sharing a calendar with a user. 

No 'Authorization: Basic' header found. Either the client didn't send one, or the server is misconfigured. Login was needed for privilege:

setSettings fails with Unknown spam treatment jmap error

Code fails to handle empty spam treatment value

GetGontactList filter with isFlagged not working

This is for implementing the 'Favorites' contact feature.

When sending request with filter isFlagged=true, the apiserver ignored the filter and still returns all contacts.

Invalid date format for some messages with '-1000 TZID' format

Thu, 02 Nov 2017 09:59:49 GMT
is Invalid Date

inside email header.

message.go needs:

zones := [...]string

{"-0700", "MST", "-0700 (MST)", "-0700 MST"}

// zone = (("+" / "-") 4DIGIT) / "GMT" / ...

Calling getMailboxUpdates Sort error returned when calling getMailboxUpdates
GAL disabled results in API error on contactGroups

When GAL is disabled error in the API when contactGroups is called. 



DAV 1.2.0


Summary Description
Global Address List (GAL) DAV support for Global Address List (GAL)
DAV Performance Issues

DAV Performance Issues

If the user count is high the system will run low on memory.

Update all copyright notices

Update all copyright notices for subclassed classes

DAV support Tasks

Ensure that task containers and associated dav functionality is working


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