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Rate Limits (SRL-UPD)

Nathan Salt -

I'm receiving the following error when sending:
"Your account has been rate limited. Please try again. (SRL-UPD)"


  • atmail 7 cloud

atmail is committed to providing a stable and reliable email hosting service through our atmail cloud product.
One of the methods we use to do this is by limiting accounts to reasonable sending limits.

This particular error is due to our daily unique recipient limit which currently totals 6000 recipients per day across all of our servers.

When an account is compromised it is often used for sending the repeated low quality spam to many accounts. If you're receiving this error it is likely that you can still send via our higher reputation servers by making some adjustments to your email (like removing HTML or attachments). If you're still unable to send, you may need to wait until your total recipients has reduced.

Note that this is a rolling 24 hour calculated limit, not a calendar day.


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