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Insecure Connection Error

Nathan Salt -

I'm using a custom domain with atmailcloud and my users are getting an insecure connection error.


  • atmail 7 cloud

Security is very important to us at atmail, which is why we enforce HTTPS on all browser connections. As our SSL certificates only cover * domains, your browser will notify you that the SSL certificate doesn't match your custom domain URL:

There are a few possible resolutions to this issue.

  1. The preferred solution is supplying your legitimate SSL certificate via a Support Ticket. We can then upload this and configure it's use on our servers. Your users would then receive no errors or warnings when browsing to your custom domain.
  2. If you aren't able to provide a SSL certificate your users will need to add an exception for the insecure connection via your custom domain. Note that adding a permanent exception isn't available in all browsers.
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