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Does the atmail cloud scan outbound emails for spam?

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Does the atmail 7 cloud scan outbound emails for spam? Yes.


  • atmail 7 cloud


My emails will not send as they are being marked as spam.


The atmail cloud scans outbound emails to protect the reputation of the server.

Spamassassin default rules are used in conjunction with atmail's custom rules to prevent the cloud from becoming blacklisted.

This can result in outbound user emails being marked as spam.

Steps you can take to minimize your spam score:

  • Avoid using HTML <STYLE> tags
  • Check URL's to see if they are listed in DBL blocklist
  • Avoid using HTML titles containing number only
  • Avoid using key SPAM words or strings
    For Example: '$10,000,000'

If your outgoing emails are getting marked as spam and you believe this to be false, please submit a ticket and we can review our spam rules and policies.

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