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Minor Update

Stewart -

Release overview

Release Date: 4 April 2016
Release Versions: On-Premises v7.6.0.1

Please Note:
Version contains minor database fixes for the atmail 7.6 release. For full details on the atmail 7.6 release, click here.

Defect Fixes

Core Product

Bug-fixBug-fix DescriptionComponent(s) ImpactedUser(s) ImpactedImpact Description
Modifying Usernames Resulting in MySql Error

Admin > User manager > Edit existing user > Modify the username – Update button = Update fails – "awl" table missing

This bug only applies to fresh installations. Installs upgraded from previous versions do not experience this issue and upgrade is not required.

Web-admin Interface

System Administrators

End Users

Web-Admin Functionality




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