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atmail cloud migration

Stewart -

Q. When will this occur?

A. The migration will commence late May 2016 and is scheduled to complete during July 2016.

Q. How will I know when my migration will actually occur?

A. You should see a popup message in your web admin when logged in with a date and time relevant to the server that account is on. Migration times have been chosen based on which time will cause the least inconvenience to the majority of customers on the server.

Q. How much downtime will my service incur?

A. No more than 1 hour.

Q. Will everything be copied to the new environment?

A. Absolutely. All email, contacts. calendars, settings and logs will be migrated.

Q. Will any mail be lost?
A. No! Due to DNS propagation timing there may be some email that is delivered to the old server for up to 48 hours after your account becomes active on the new server. During this time all email from the old server will be transferred to the new server to ensure no email is lost.

Q. What will users see during migration?
A. Users using webmail will be directed to a temporary page notifying them that their account is being migrated. They won't be able to log in for a short time. Users accessing their account via a third party client (eg Outlook) will get an error when trying to connect to the server. This is to ensure no user data (specifically Calendars, Contacts and Settings) is inadvertently left on the current environment.

Once all data for your account has been migrated services will be re-enabled to allow users to access their mailbox while mail transfer completes.
Due to the large amount of data some accounts have, some users may notice missing mail in the new environment until mail transfer has completed.

Some third party clients may choose to download all mail again from the new servers.
This is more likely for users accessing their mailbox via POP3.

Q. What should I check prior to the migration?

A. All our IP addresses are changing, therefore you will need to -

1.     Ensure that MX records point to names under atmail control (i.e. mx1-[subscription-name] or change the IP address of the record you use. If a third party anti-spam provider is used then they will also need to be notified but only once the change has taken place, this is because they hard code the route to the end mail servers.

mx1-[subscription-name] (MX priority 10)
mx2-[subscription-name] (MX priority 20)

2.    Change any entries in your own domain name space which currently include any of the current atmail IP addresses. This will need to occur when the migration takes place and will include custom branding URL's.

Web/Mobile Interface Address     

To use your custom Webmail domain, create a CNAME record for your desired domain and point to webmail-[subscription-name] Once setup you can then direct your users to use this custom domain for webmail access.

Incoming Mail Server (POP3/IMAP) Address     

To use your custom Mail domain, create a CNAME record for your desired domain and point to mail-[subscription-name] You can then direct your users to use this custom domain for their POP3/IMAP host when configuring 3rd party email clients (e.g. Outlook).

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Address     

To use your custom SMTP domain, create a CNAME record for your desired domain and point to smtp-[subscription-name] You can then direct your users to use this custom domain for the SMTP host when configuring 3rd party email clients (e.g. Outlook).

Admin Interface Address     

To use your custom Admin domain, create a CNAME record for your desired domain and point to admin-[subscription-name] You can then direct your admin users to this custom domain for access to the webadmin panel.

3.    SPF records will possibly need to be updated. If you are using the ‘include record’ then no changes are required.  Otherwise if you use your own list and have '+mx' or any of our IP addresses then this will need to change. The syntax is

v=spf1 -all

with this the SPF query will include the contents of the SPF as found in which atmail control and can update when server IPs change.

Q. Will my email be available in both environments for a while?

A. Atmail will be running both environments for a period of time to ensure no loss of email or other data.

Q. Will my customers need to change anything?

A. No. As long as you have made the above changes then your customers will not need change anything. However, if they are using Third Party Clients it is advised that they double check that their folders are syncing to the server prior to migration if possible. Please see this guide for more information: Third Party Clients

Some Third Party Clients may also do a full re-sync of their entire mailbox, however this should not be common and is only an issue with limited clients.

The exception to this is your customers not already using SMTP authentication.
SMTP Authentication is now required (it was encouraged, but optional before) to send.
This provides greater security for the end user and lowers the chances of the user and server being seen to be spamming.

Q. Will the webmail look different?

A. No, the webmail will be the same but watch this space as we have a great new webmail scheduled for late 2016!

Q. What should I do regarding TTL?

A. We recommend lowering TTL for any atmail related DNS records. Check out this guide from LiquidWeb.

Q. What about Blacklisting?

A. We have made several improvements to absolutely limit Blacklisting where possible.

Q. What about SPAM?

A. We have also made numerous improvements to SPAM management, an area that is continually being fine-tuned.  Your feedback is of great assistance to make these improvements.

Q. Will my data remain in the USA?

A. Absolutely all data will be hosted in the USA.

Q. I have more questions?

A. We're here to help. Email us at, submit a request, or call +61 7 5357 6605

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