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Calendar Access via External Mail Client - Mozilla Thunderbird

Nathan Salt -

So you're using Thunderbird and need to sync your calendar?

Here's how you do it.

Download Thunderbird

If you don't yet have it, you can download and install Thunderbird from Mozilla directly:

Connect atmail account

Once you have installed Thunderbird, open it up and click "Create a new calendar":

You'll get a pop up window for account set up. Select "On the Network":

On the next screen, choose CalDav and enter your Calendar URL:

Note: You can find your calendar URL in the webmail by clicking on the Calendar tab, then the Calendar Options icon (cog) next to the calendar you have selected.

Choose a name for the calendar in Thunderbird, along with a colour:

All that's left after this is to enter your credentials (email and password) when prompted:

And that's it!

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