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Custom Branding

Jarrayd -

I need to remove atmail branding and apply custom branding to my atmail on-premise installation.


  • On-Premise Server + WebMail Installations: Version 7.1.1 > Current Version
  • WebMail Only Installations: Version 7.1.1 > Current Version

Custom branding required.


  1. Login to your WebAdmin page. 


  2. Select the Settings tab, then select Branding from the left hand configuration   menu.


The following custom branding settings are available.

  • Brand Name
    Specify the brand-name of the system. This will replace all references to Atmail in the Webmail interface and related services

  • Brand/Company URL

Specify the URL used when the brand-name logo is clicked.

  • Webmail Logo     
    Click image to upload a logo which is displayed in the Webmail interface.

    Recommended PNG. Maximum dimensions of 180 x 36 pixels.

  • Webmail URL

       Specify the Webmail URL used in the welcome message for new users.


  • Login Page Theme     
    Specify the login page them to be used for the Webmail interface. 


  • Login Logo     
    Click to upload an image which will be displayed on the Webmail and Administration login page.

  • Footer Message     
    Optionally specify a footer used for all outgoing messages via Webmail for branding. Specify as HTML or plain-text.



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    A Note on Customization:

    Many clients like to apply more advanced changes to the branding and themes within the atmail web-mail interface. This is something we make available within our white-labelled product however we are unable to offer support for such customization.

    If you would like our team to assist in customizing your installation, please get in touch via to discuss our professional services on offer.

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