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Custom Branding

Stewart -

I need to apply custom branding to my atmail 7 cloud account.


  • atmail 7 cloud

Want to apply custom branding to atmail cloud account.


  1. Login to your atmail cloud webadmin.
  2. Select the My Account tab, then select Custom Branding.

The following custom branding settings are available.

  • Use a custom domain     
    Optionally, specify your own domain to refer clients and customers to login, without referencing your designated domain in the URL.
    NOTE: This custom domain will only be securely accessible via webmail. Email clients will not allow the use of SSL/TLS with a custom domain due to the certificate.
  • Brand Name
    Specify the brand-name of the system. This will replace all references to atmail in the webmail interface and related services.
  • Brand URL
    Specify the URL used when the brand-name logo is clicked.
  • Administrator Email     
    Specify the Administrator "Reply to Address" to be used for user creation.
  • webmail Logo     
    Click image to upload a logo which is displayed in the Webmail interface. Recommended PNG. Maximum dimensions of 180 x 36 pixels
  • Login Page Theme     
    Specify the login page used for the webmail interface. This is visible when users access webmail via your URL: https://webmail-<subscriptionname> or https://<subscriptionname>


  • Login Page Logo     
    Click to upload an image which will be displayed on the webmail and Administration login page.
  • Welcome Email     
    Optionally specify a custom welcome email. Specify as HTML or plain-text. If left blank the system default email will be used.

    The following placeholders can be used in the email source, they will be replaced by the actual values when the email is sent to the new user:
    {{site}} - The domain your user will use to access webmail, IMAP etc
    {{account}} - The full account name of the new user (e.g.
    {{firstname}} - The new user's first name (if defined)
    {{lastname}} - The new user's last name (if defined)
    {{password}} - The new user's password
    {{brandname}} - The brand name you have set for webmail

  • Footer Message     
    Optionally specify a footer used for all outgoing messages via webmail for branding. Specify as HTML or plain-text.


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