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Known Issues

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Known atmail 7 cloud issues.


  • atmail 7 cloud


  • UX: FUNCTIONALITY: iOS Provisioning: Custom Brand Images are NOT displayed during iOS provisioning (atmail logos are displayed instead).
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Web UI (User): Contacts: Global / Shared Groups are NOT displayed when logged in as default admin user (E.g.   
  • Cloud Admin Interface: Dashboard: Service Logs: Sent Mail: Although sent messages exist, the graph displays "0" messages
  • Cloud Admin: My Account: Tour Checklist: Login to the webmail interface with a pre-populated demo account: demo account doesn't exist hence login fails.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: IE 8: Cloud Admin: User Manager cannot be used (Multiple Errors)
  • FUNCTIONALITY: IE 8: Cloud Admin: First time cloud admin logs in a blank page is displayed (JS Errors caused by Welcome Message)
  • UX: ADMIN INTERFACE (Cloud Admin): My Account: Getting Started: Select Domain Features: webmail, Calendaring & Groupware options are turned-off by default
  • FUNCTIONALITY: ADMIN INTERFACE (Cloud Admin): Getting Started: Welcome email is not sent to users created via Getting Started >> Define a list of users to import.
  • UX: PERFORMANCE: ADMIN INTERFACE: USER MANAGER: Improve usability / performance in terms of domain management.
  • UX: Admin Interface (Cloud Admin): Getting Started Wizard: Improve the usability of the wizard by changing the sequence of steps.
  • UX: FUNCTIONALITY: Admin Interface: User Manager: Import users: Introduce toggle option to auto add domains that doesn't exist in the system during import process.
  • UX: Admin Interface: Getting Started Wizard: If a step of the wizard takes a long time to process, the user is not given any indication that the request is being processed.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Admin Interface: Custom Branding: Use a custom domain: When CNAME record is setup as per help text any user of any cloud domain can login to the system using that custom domain.
  • UX: Admin Interface: User Manager: Custom Domain: When DNS registrar is found for the domain "No MX records defined for the domain" help text is incorrect.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Admin Interface >> Dashboard >> SPAM: Does not seem to capture "Marked" spam and "Purged/Rejected" spam messages and only captures "Moved" spam messages.
  • UX: Missing Language Translations (E.g. Japanese) in Admin Console.
  • Cloud Admin > My Account > Custom Branding > Use a custom domain.
    1. My Account > Custom Branding > Custom Domain can't turn off.
    2. save with "Use a custom domain" On and Custom Domain.
    3. refresh browser
    4. My Account > Custom Branding > switch off "Use a custom domain" and save
    5. refresh browser
    6. See Custom Branding. not changed.
  • Cloud Admin > My Account > Tour Checklist > The tiles of each section color is not matched with theme color.
  • Admin console > Help > need to be modified help document.
  • Admin console > Security > Personal > My Details > Full Name shouldn't be empty.
  • Admin console > User Manager > Import Users > Download sample CSV link broken.   
  • Custom logo on login page - resize to fit.
  • Admin: Quota Usage vs Allocated confusing.
  • Admin: CSV import not identifying email addresses.
  • Non-Standard Domain Name Accepted in User Manager.
  • Create User Error Disparity.
  • Broken Image URL found in Accessibility version.
  • .vcf export
  • Unable to open attachments in webmail.
  • OSX Mavericks Mail Client issues with autoreply rule.
  • Duplicate Sub Admin Names.
  • iOS 9.3.+ devices fail to authenticate with calDAV and cardDAV


The atmail Development team is working to resolve these issues as soon as possible. This document will be updated as known issues are resolved. Please don't hesitate to submit a new ticket if you have any further questions about these known issues.

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