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ChangePassword Plugin

Stewart -


How can I enable change password feature for my users when using WebMail only version of Atmail?


  • Webmail Only Installations: Version 6.0 > 7.8


This is a skeleton plugin that, once integrated with your mailserver, allows you to add ChangePassword functionality to the WebMail only version of Atmail.



The Change Password Plugin can be downloaded via the following URL.



Upload via Atmail WebAdmin > Plugins > Add Plugin.


Via the terminal go to the ChangePassword directory.


Edit Api.php API config settings file.

vi Api.php

Then edit Api.php so it has your correct MailServer API details.

 * This class is used to interface with your API so that the plugin
 * can change users' passwords
class Api
 * This is the email account name for which we need to change password
 private $_emailAccount;
 public function __construct($emailAccount)
 $this->_emailAccount = $emailAccount;
 // Do any further API connection/authentication if required
 * This method is used to set the new password
 * @param string $newPassword The user's new password
 * @return Bool|String Return boolean TRUE on success or an error message on failure
 public function savePassword($newPassword)
 // Use your API to set the new password

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