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Update 6.4

Stewart -

May 09, 2012

And so we introduce Atmail 6.4 - our first major release of the year. With new versions of all mail services, this release boasts a tremendous improvement to your mailserver functionality. New SMTP, AV, Spam, and POP3/IMAP services, all with new security updates and improvements. And now, with Memcached support!


  • AWL support added
  • Added automated Bayes database import
  • Added ability to switch from HTTP to HTTPS after authentication
  • Added Calendar delegation fix during updates
  • Added default timeout logic for SpamAssassin rules
  • Added installation script support for Ubuntu 12
  • Added iOS detection
  • Added new plugin hooks
  • Corrected DAV issue causing orphaned entries
  • Corrected update script issue if PHP-posix is missing
  • Domains are now lowercased before creation
  • Fixed server-update issues
  • Removed [staging] section from dbconfig.ini.default
  • Support for brackets in passwords
  • Updated migration libraries
  • Updated views to use translate() on all relevant text entries
  • Updated purge-users.php to allow it to process a list of users to delete


  • Added SpamAssassin DKIM support
  • Disabled DKIM in Exim
  • Disabled users now blocked from SMTP login
  • Mail::DKIM version string for upgrade
  • New Antivirus version
  • New Dovecot version
  • New Exim version
  • New Spam Assassin version with spam-learning
  • Refactored cache system, DAV and MAIL functions extensively cached; MEMCACHE option available


  • Added setting to disable message preview
  • Added 'successfully sent' message when sending email
  • Added ability to set Default Domain for webmail-only version
  • Added confirmation on send
  • Added ability to move folders
  • Added font to all outgoing emails
  • Added option to save to current folder for email responses
  • Added place holder image when no message is selected
  • Added spell checker
  • Clear X-Atmail-BCC header when forwarding messages
  • Corrected descriptions in webmail settings
  • Corrected mail server configuration using table that doesn't exist
  • Corrected message iframe content
  • Corrected SabreDAV authentication issue with remote domains changes
  • Corrected threading for orphaned threads
  • Corrected UTF8 conversion issues
  • FilePreview plugin can now extract and display winmail.dat attachments
  • Fixed Address Book > New Contact duplicated items in drop down lists
  • Fixed Advanced search failure in body search
  • Fixed IE Search bug which opened multiple tabs
  • Fixed IE autocomplete
  • Fixed bug for newly created folders being broken for DnD
  • Fixed bug when creating folders which contain spaces
  • Fixed delete button issues
  • Fixed regression that caused mail list to display during zero search results
  • Improved Dnd on Email and Contact, set checked when dragging on
  • Now does not automatically render first email
  • Search term highlighting no longer done if no search results
  • Tidy up of rich text editor CSS
  • Webadmin graph now shows graph in Locale timezone


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