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Update 6.3

Stewart -

November 8, 2011

Atmail 6.3 is a major new version which includes a new Calendaring (CalDAV) and Contact (CardDAV) Server. Including new "1-click" iOS provisioning for Email, Calendars and Contacts. After over 6 months in development we are proud to announce the latest release.

New features and improvements include:

New Calendar Server

New and improved Calendar Server (CalDAV) which is written in PHP and stores calendar data within MySQL. Dramatic performance improvement over the previous Darwin (Python) server used by Atmail, up to 75% lighter and faster. The WebUI for the calendar is now more responsive, and supports external access from iOS and desktop clients.

New Contact Server

Atmail now includes a Contact Server (CardDAV) which is bundled within the new Calendar server framework. Users can add, delete and modify contacts via the WebUI of Atmail and automatically push the updates to their supported mobile (iOS, Android) or desktop client (Mac Lion, Thunderbird, and supported CardDAV clients)

iOS Provisioning - One click setup

iOS users (iPhone, iPad, iPod) can now use "1-click" provisioning to automatically setup their device for email, calendaring and contacts. No hostname, protocols and ports required, the Administrator can configure global settings and make these available to local user accounts. iOS users just need to navigate to the URL of Atmail and follow the iOS provisioning wizard, simplifying deployments within an organisation or ISP.

ActiveSync Global Address-list (GAL)

Atmail now supports the global address-list (GAL) for ActiveSync devices. Via your Windows Mobile, Android or iOS device the global address-list is available for end users to search and lookup records within the organisation. The GAL can be defined at the users domain level or site-wide via the Atmail administration panel.

Read-only calendars

Now supporting read-only permissions on calendars, users can publish calendars within the organization and set read-only or read-write permissions for specified users. Perfect for creating public calendars where the administrator can set events, and end-users receive a read-only version of the calendar. Read-only calendars are available via the WebUI of Atmail, mobile CalDAV and desktop clients.

Log CSV Export

Administrators can now CSV export log files from the Webadmin. Verbose logs for Logins, Received Mail, Sent Mail, Spam and Viruses can be exported in CSV files for accounting and reporting purposes. Includes support for sub-administrators to export log data for their delegated users/domains.

  • Improved Webmail help guides for describing how to connect the the Calendar and Contact server
  • Ported legacy Atmail 5.X migration script to support the new Calendar Server
  • Improved alarm notification for due events in the Webmail UI
  • New and improved Swedish translation
  • New and improved Indonesian translation
  • Improved installation utility to parse and detect Apache settings required for Atmail
  • Improved migration scripts for SquirrelMail, Roundcube and Zimbra. Migrate existing users into Atmail easier
Disabled functionality
  • Via the Webmail interface, external CalDAV/CardDAV servers (non Atmail) are not supported in this release. This functionality will be ported for the next major update


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