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Update 6.20.7

Stewart -

April 1, 2011

Atmail 6.20.7 is a maintenance release that focuses on improving ActiveSync, the performance of the Webmail UI and improvements to the calendar backend.

Improvements and fixes include the following:

  • ActiveSync: Support for new calendar timezone features implemented in 6.20.6
  • ActiveSync: Improved new message handling for forwarded messages
  • ActiveSync: Improved HTML to plain-text rendering for MIME types
  • Calendar: Improved colour palette for events spanning multiple calendars
  • CardDAV: Fixed CardDAV support for external accounts in the contacts pane
  • Webmail: Improved pagination support for large folders
  • Webmail: Improved message ‘loading’ notification for key events
  • Webmail: Optimised commonly used Javascript methods for performance
  • Webmail: General IE7/IE8 improvements for CSS layout
  • Webmail: Improved loading settings panel, user-quota is calculated via a background AJAX call to improve performance
  • Webadmin: Improved CSS layout for aliases, IP-relay, and user-manager pane
  • Webadmin: Activated Mass-mail support for Webmail-client version. Admin can email all external users announcements


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