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Update 6.20.6

Stewart -

March 15, 2011

Atmail 6.20.6 has been developed with a focus on two things: big, new features, and improvements to the overall user-experience. Armed with a tighter quality control regimen and our new open ticketing system, this has been one of our best releases to date. This update guarantees a smoother, slicker webmail experience for your users. Highly recommended.

New Features At A Glance:

New, Stylish Calendar Interface

The new Atmail Calendar features a fresh, new way to manage and view your own calendars - while sporting refined functionality. With new views, multi-day events, and colours you can customise, this is an amazing forward leap in form and functionality.

Calendar QuickEdit

This new feature allows you to edit your calendar entries on the fly. With one click, you can alter your events with this sleek inline edit pane. This guarantees a smoother webmail experience for you and your users.

Information Button

Need more data from the email you received? Want to see full recipient lists, signatures, headers, and message routes? With the new Info Button, these are just a click away.

New 'Empty Trash' button

Clear the emails you don't want. Delete email clutter with just one click - through a button accessible through the main email pane.

Other improvements include:
  • Full timezone support for the Calendar
  • Faster Calendar access speeds
  • Full support for IP ranges for the Mail Relay
  • Improved parsing for emails
  • Full Real name support for the Webmail Client
  • Refined email search functions
  • Improved email thread support

The full list of fixes and improvements can be seen through our Atmail Ticketing System.


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