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Update 6.20.4

Stewart -

December 13, 2010

This release includes a important security update for Exim (Atmail server mode), new ClamAV version, vast improvements to the Webmail interface for contacts/autocomplete and a host of optimisations. All users are strongly advised to upgrade to the new version.

New Features
Improved Autocomplete support

Fully refactored autocomplete support for the Webmail interface. Includes realtime server lookups for matching contact names, large dataset support, profile pictures and speed improvements.

Lookups include:

  • Personal contact support
  • Group contact support
  • Global contact support
Improved Contact pane

Improved contact pane with profile pictures in contact list, popular contact support and automatic creation of contacts for people you email

Popular contacts are ranked on the regularity you email users, or you can manually flag important contacts by clicking the "starred" option

Automated Log purge

New Webadmin setting to define the number of days to automatically purge the log files in Atmail ( Logins, received mail, sent and system reports )

Improve performance by purging outdated log files for the Webadmin graphs, reporting engine and SQL load



  • Filter users from User Manager with custom search query. e.g 'Account: ben Domain: City: Sydney'
  • Log_* tables can now be automatically pruned to remove entries older than a set date (setting in webadmin > Settings > Global)
  • AWL logs can now be auto pruned to remove entries older than the set dates (setting in webadmin > Services > Anti-Spam)


  • Can be tuned for performance using the configuration values:
    • autocompleteFetchThreshold : Control the maximum amount of addresses to fetch for static list. Static lists above this amount will switch to dynamic updates
    • autocompleteFetchSize : Controls the amount of addresses to fetch for single autocomplete search
    • autocompleteCacheSize : The amount of addresses to cache client side, reducing the total search polls to server
  • Autocomplete now performs sql searches of groups
  • Results are now cached for both personal and global autocomplete fields
  • Now removes loading spinner on AJAX cancel or error
  • Contacts that have been 'Added to Contacts' while viewing a message are available straight away
  • Automatically creates html encoded versions for successful display in webmail interface
  • Groups are displayed as just the groupname description after selection into the autocomplete box
  • Now can autocomplete contacts which contain multiple email addresses other then one primary

Update script

  • Added rebuild for Exim 4.72 to fix critical buffer overflow exploit for Exim <4.69 - All users urged to upgrade
  • Upgraded to Clam 0.96.5 with new AV signatures and performance improvements
  • All updates are handle in one place server or client


  • Display warning about account which were not shared with, when editing permissions on calendar resource
  • Updated description for sharing accounts to inform user that no external accounts are accepted ( local users/domains only )
  • Permissions: Uses new autocomplete feature for who to share calendar resource with
  • Installer: Now requires extended attributes utilities to be available
  • Installer: Now checks atmail belongs to a group
  • Improved change port tool if default CalDAV port already in use


  • New "Mail" button available in toolbar - Click the checkbox for users to email and click "mail" to open a new compose tab
  • Permissions: Uses new autocomplete and correctly verifies addresses as valid on submit
  • Interface tweaks for usability
  • Improved duplicate detection for imported contacts
  • Renamed 'All' to 'Personal' contacts


  • Print now has customisable CSS file css/printMessage.css
  • Cleaned up / performance tweaked composer
  • Displayed email addresses are now cleaned up in threaded view
  • Dynamic update of received/sent times
  • Delivery-Date used if no Date in header

Bug Fixes


  • Various undefined variables fixed inside Authcontroller
  • Fixed disabled account displaying warning
  • Fixed autocomplete results not returning personal addresses when a global search has been performed first
  • Can now search via 'Group Name' for Autocomplete results
  • Can now search via users "Real name" for Autocomplete results
  • Fixed autocomplete results containing a blank realname at the start
  • Fixed autocomplete results encapsulating the address in brackets when not required
  • Now correctly obeys calendar group setting
  • Removed legacy calendarenable usage and from sql global settings
  • Removed calendar code from standalone compose message headers
  • Does not halt application if log directories are not writable
  • Now correctly updates calendar status for all calendar users on group update
  • Fixed id namespace conflict between contact groups and setting panels
  • Calendar disabled for webclient does not halt application
  • Correctly removes Calendar functions from Webmail UI when disabled
  • Fixed 'New Event' being removed from UI when Calendar is disabled
  • Now correctly removes SpamSettings for deleted users


  • Fixed pagenation for Groups in User Manager with custom search criteria


  • Correctly displays groups in autocomplete
  • Correctly retrieves non-primary addresses
  • Cache is correctly repopulated after all contact pane functions

Database Schema

  • Updates all blank UserSettings CalDAVURL to a valid URL


  • Fixed sent mail header not containing quotes around to/cc/bcc fields for account real name
  • Fixed received mail displaying contact with blank realname
  • Improved email group support
  • Fixed race condition for reply all that would populate the To field incorrect
  • Fixed clicking 'Reply To All' checkbox before any email thread has been opened
  • Fixed email contents being erased during compose if 'Reply To All' checkbox is clicked
  • Now does not display invalid date for emails with no date indicators


  • Fixed adding permissions for contacts via autocomplete
  • Clears client side cache on group add/delete
  • Fixed global address book count when groupware zone set to Domain
  • Fixed live address book search returning results outside groupware zone
  • Fixed live update of new contacts to display email if first/last name unavailable
  • Import: Now ensures that discovered emails on import are correctly ordered in the database
  • Import: Now correctly updates total contacts after import
  • Fixed abook count live update
  • Permissions: Autocomplete is available when permissions already set
  • Fixed "Export All" contact menu


  • Fixed calendar names with hyphens when another account created with similar pattern
  • Fixed autocompleted addresses being silently rejected when sharing
  • Fixed sharing with email addresses being rejected if format was "FullName" <email>
  • Installer: Now reports the correct version string


  • Fixed login issues when using MD5 passwords


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