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Update 6.2

Stewart -

December 10, 2010

New Features

Push Mail support

Full support is now available for Push mail. You and your users can now synchronise mail, calendar, and contact data using the ActiveSync protocol. Atmail, anywhere, at $3 per account.

Supported platforms include:

  • iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
  • Android devices
  • Windows Mobile
Improved Webadmin monitoring

With new Webadmin logging features, you can now view detailed information about your users' activity - from login times, to details of emails sent and received. Other improvements include advanced search patterns, date ranges and more.

Pinpoint exact log details and account activity with in the web interface, no CLI required.

Webadmin dashboard week view

You can now view log files via the WebUI dashboard and refine graphs by daily, weekly, monthly and yearly usage patterns.

Isolate specific log activity and use the new verbose log view to see expanded details.


New Massmail feature

You can now broadcast email messages to all subscribers on the platform, or refine for specific accounts, groups or domain-names.

Send service announcements, promotions, company updates or refine specific campaigns for domains on the platform - all with ease, and within a sleek, easy-to-use interface.

New Calendar alarms

Need to know when an event is due? Be automatically alerted of new events due, and confirm or dismiss notifications with ease - all of this, with the new Calendar alarm feature.

Using the CalDAV protocol you can create events on an iPhone or another 3rd-party CalDAV client, and be automatically alerted to new events while using the Webmail interface.

Calendar Invites

Accept calendar invitation requests via the Atmail Webmail interface, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google Calendar and more - all with ease, and inside your calendar interface.

All it takes is one click to confirm calendar invitations, and have events automatically loaded into your CalDAV account. Optional realtime push support available via ActiveSync for iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android phones.

New and improved HTML editor

The new and improved HTML editor for Atmail expands on features previously available. Define your font-color, size and indentation. Define your personal style.

Spice up your emails and add your personal style with the easy to use HTML email composer.

Global Addressbook Autocomplete

Extended autocomplete support for recipients to include the Global Address List (GAL)

Send messages with ease via the Webmail UI and address to local users stored in the Global Address list

Email receipt support

The new version of Atmail includes email receipt and notification support within the Webmail composer.

Sending an important email? Request a read receipt and receive notification once the recipient has read the message.

User quota displays

With this new feature included in the latest version of Atmail, your users can now see a quota notification bar in the Webmail settings pane. Using the IMAP protocol, users can see available and used disk-space and manage mailbox usage easily.



  • Can now request read receipts for emails
  • Autocomplete for composer now looks up global addressbook
  • Edit subject on quick-reply
  • Expanded help file for ActiveSync/push support on iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android phones
  • Converted all images to sprites - 50% load time increase
  • Consolidated all CSS files to improve load performance


  • Added alarm display
  • Added alarm support

Calendar Server

  • Vastly improved installer
  • Added installer full logging

Calendar Migration

  • Added large schema support


  • Now links to client portal for license details
  • Improved new patch and version notification via the Webadmin UI


  • Added some currently disabled lightweight animation code (issue with carrot disappearing in firefox)
  • Now intelligently selects/focus on the most likely field when opening composer
  • Drafts folder now displays To field
  • Added transition effect for simple message flash
  • Now displays "Erase" for the delete button when inside trash folder


  • Fixed logout button on error pane
Bugs Fixed


  • Fixed various warnings
  • Fixed buffer overrun

OSX Installer

  • Correctly applies changes to php.ini
  • CardDAV server detection now works
  • Default CalDAV server type is now correct


  • Now prompts for existing SSL certs/keys


  • Fixed bad auto reply encoding
  • Fixed UID update on draft save
  • Fixed action buttons not re-enabling after save to draft
  • Fixed composer not resizing correctly under drafts
  • Fixed scrolling/selection in rte
  • Composer is now 3 pane/context aware
  • Fixed safari issue with text editor iframe
  • Fixed bad subject header for compact view if the email has a blank subject
  • Fixed To field blank if draft contained no recipients


  • Removed gethostname() function calls (only available in PHP >= 5.3)
  • Fixed bad IMAP folder select if session data corrupted


  • Fixed incorrect time issue for graphs in webadmin

A5 - A6 Migration

  • Fixed issue where admin passwords were not md5()'d for insertion to A6 DB
  • New Thai language pack
  • New Russian language pack
  • Improved Italian translation


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