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Major Update: 7.4

Stewart -


July 22, 2014

Clients please note the following important points:

  1. Atmail 7.4 incorporates the code changes provided in Atmail 7.3.2, which include significant database schema changes specific to the user table. Please backup your database prior to implementing this upgrade.
  2. Please also be aware that this upgrade may take significantly more time to complete than usual.
  3. Back up Dovecot. We can't stress this enough as we are recompiling your dovecot installation to include new password hash processing.
  4. Back up your Dovecot/exim configuration files. We are reprocessing your configuration settings and will write out new configuration files.
  5. Ubuntu users please be aware that we currently support Ubuntu versions 11 and 12 only. The installer will not work on versions 13 or above at this stage. We are currently working to support version 13+.
  6. Important to communicate to customers that below Outlook settings needs to be changed in order for UTF-8 to work with Atmail DavSync. FILE > Options > Advanced > International Options > Preferred encoding for outgoing vCards > Unicode (UTF-8).
  7. Atmail now supports emails received from Outlook in winmail.dat format with .xlsx attachments. There are some dependencies required here (Ubuntu and CentOS installs require the “tnef” package to be installed).
  8. Outlook users, please download and install the latest AtmailSync package. If you experience the multiple-calendar “This Computer Only” issue, please remove and re-add your account to Outlook.
  9. To install the latest ActiveSync technology, you need to get the .gz file extract the content under the /usr/shared/push folder after that just run the install.php script.
  10. The latest ActiveSync requires the user to enter the full account details.
  11. Please note that as from now on, we are dropping support for Outlook 2007.


  • Implementation of right-click support in Email
  • Implementation of Folder Manager
  • Folders are now collapsible(top level) in left navigation pane
  • Fixed Dual inbox folders displayed when using ActiveSync on an Android device
  • Fixed Intermittent “Message not found…” error on deleting email
  • Fixed Insertion of underscores in email subject lines for French translation for emails sent using Microsoft Outlook
  • Fixed Send/Receive email attachment bug using ActiveSync on an Android device
  • Fixed Encoding issues opening .eml files with Microsoft Outlook
  • Fixed MIME parsing error encountered when emails received are sent from Outlook in win mail.dat format with a .xlsx attachment
  • Fixed SMTP “dot stuffing” - where SMTP escapes the leading “dot” of each MIME encoded line.
  • Fixed Email signature display errors in Mobile UI
  • Fixed Folder display errors using non-English language characters (UTF-8) in Mobile UI
  • Fixed Line separator error when composing email to a custom user group
  • Fixed Email render display issue for emails sent from Outlook 2013
  • Fixed Continuous display of loading indicator when attempting to move a subfolder to a directory it already exists in.
  • Fixed corrupted text file attachments when downloaded
  • Fixed Files attached without a file name causing a download error
  • Fixed Cut-off rendering of email subject display on tab title
  • Fixed hidden “Show more” button in Mobile UI
  • Fixed Clicking refresh in the Mobile UI rendering the same email multiple times
  • Improved Support for the backspace/delete key to edit/manage the address fields
  • Removed loss of focus when removing addresses from the address fields (backspace/delete button and/or clicking the “x”)
  • Increased visibility of longer addresses in address field
  • Improved Message selection handling: auto-selection improvement
  • Improved Message selection handling: shift+click message selection support
  • Improved Message selection handling: < > buttons highlighting selected message in “three pane view"
  • New refresh inbox icon
  • Improved behavior of Trash button - Move to Trash / Perm Delete based on settings


  • Fixed Contact synchronisation when using ActiveSync for Android and iOS
  • Fixed Duplication of contact entries when synchronising with ActiveSync on an iOS device
  • Fixed Clicking “Mail Contact” immediately after creating that contact record not populating the “to” address field
  • Fixed Mouse pointer displaying as “clickable” in non-clickable areas
  • Fixed Duplicate phone number created in Outlook 2013 on synchronization
  • Fixed inability to edit address and photo in Outlook 2013
  • Improved Contact record display layout within the user interface


  • Creation of a “View” button within event reminder
  • Fixed Date format compatibility with Japanese formatting
  • Fixed Repeat calendar events created when synchronising an iOS device via ActiveSync
  • Fixed Shared calendar permissions intermittently not saving
  • Fixed Display bug when adding or editing an event’s date or time using the Mobile UI
  • Fixed Timezone setting dropping when accepting invitation sent from Outlook 2013
  • Fixed Calendar events created in “Day View” with start/end times prior to 10am disappearing from view unless the user is viewing the calendar month
  • Fixed “Calendars are not available” error displaying when users belong to a user group
  • Fixed Duplicate event bug when synchronising with Outlook 2013
  • Improved time selection with 15 minute increments when scheduling an event (00, 15, 30, 45)
  • Increased size for the add/edit event screen, supporting increased visibility of field values
  • Removal of Event reminder“Close” button
  • Improved Event reminder states meeting subject
  • Improved Event reminder displays calendar event is scheduled in
  • Improved navigation (next / previous day/week/month)


  • File extension changed to “.txt” when a file is renamed and shared in one workflow
  • Fixed newly created subfolders not displaying to end-user

General - System Administration:

  • New password hashing modes including salted sha 256 and 512, blowfish.
  • Added Accessibility User Interface (support for tabbed navigation and Apple VoiceOver)
  • Added Support for external contact servers (LDAP)
  • Added SSL support in iOS provisioning packet
  • Admins can now select a “preferred landing page” within the WebAdmin interface
  • Admins can now enable a feature for end-users to “empty all email” from a folder
  • Added Supports EAS for windows phone 8
  • Fixed Multiple synchronisation bugs for Android (ActiveSync)
  • Fixed Multiple synchronisation bugs for iOS (ActiveSync)
  • Fixed Admin Map Console Errors
  • Fixed Value for “Accept-Language” for Japanese for multiple browsers
  • Fixed Session time out issues for Mobile UI
  • Fixed Footer display bug for Mobile UI
  • Fixed Colour scheme bugs within Webmail UI themes
  • Fixed .CSV import bug with Norwegian character sets
  • Fixed Navigation display bug (dual-arrows) for Web Admin menus in Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Fixed InnoDB error for appliances
  • Fixed Intermittent stability bugs for AtmailSync with Microsoft Outlook 2013
  • Fixed Bootloader bug (app_root definition) when executing util/tools/migration scripts
  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest.response error in Internet Explorer 9
  • Fixed trim error in Internet Explorer 8
  • Fixed Quickview.js error in Internet Explorer 8
  • Fixed change password error message (un-clickable close button)
  • Fixed misaligned display of user count for long domain names (Admin > User Manager)
  • Fixed inability to login to Mobile UI on iPhone 4s / iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1 only
  • Fixed footer bar rendering twice in Mobile UI on iOS
  • Fixed scripts inserted into folder names being executed in the Mobile UI only
  • New Japanese language translations
  • Improved "Purge Message” translation accuracy in German language
  • Improved calendar Gennaio display for the Italian language
  • Increased cross-site request forgery protection for API calls relating to Storage and Mobile UI
  • Improved display of AtmailSync download link
  • Improved display of custom branding information in Web Admin
  • Optimisation of database table for Calendar
  • Improved rendering of “Search” field in the Web Admin interface
  • Improved errror message display rendering on login page
  • Resolved grammatical error in “Welcome email” sent to new users
  • Improved support for choosing sequence of given name and surname display
  • Removal of “Blue Steel” theme images and references
  • Improved standards warning when creating cloud account via the API
  • Improved support for all legal characters for IMAP folder names
  • Refactored Authentication Systems (crypto module, supporting multiple backend modules; AES-128bit or AES-256bit in either EBC or CBC modes)
  • Automatic password creation now uses cryptographically strong random bytes - selecting best CSPRNG available
  • Master password key generation now has 256 bits of key (including entropy calculation for master password selection)
  • Removal of redundant call to fetch domain list within User Manager
  • Over-quota users can now move/delete emails

Documentation for Online Help Files:

                # ./configure
                # make
                # make install


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