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Update 7.3.0

Stewart -

April 23, 2014

General and System:

  • Fixed the webAdmin control panel asking for input of the administrator’s email address twice
  • Fixed spam mail filter not capturing “spam email” outside of the blacklist
  • Fixed horizontal scroll code called before iFrame has loaded
  • Added SabreDav to .ics Migration tool
  • Improved security on new input filter/validation models for calendar events and task events, including HTML safe output to WebUI
  • Removed of “id” column in SerialConf database table. (Prevents ActiveSync errors when this field maxes)
  • Corrected WebMail Admin SubAdmin functions (list, add, view) errors
  • Fixed entering custom NumUser or NumQuota amounts when creating a SubAdmin
  • Fixed deleting user errors
  • Fixed selection of both “Send to All” and “Send to all SubAdmins” only selecting SubAdmins
  • Fixed loss of help text in the create/edit user form under specific circumstances
  • Corrected SubAdmins being able to enable/disable password policies. (Now only Admins can access this functionality)
  • Fixed email address of SubAdmin not being saved when adding a new SubAdmin
  • Fixed potential race condition on creation of domain(s)
  • Removed debug code from PluginCall.php
  • Multiple other system improvements


  • Added print button
  • Added automatic conversion of http/https/www text to links in email. Toggled via “Settings” tab
  • Fixed HTML tables within email body not rendering correctly


  • Added delete button for contact photos
  • Improved security for removed unused actions from contacts controller
  • Improved support export of user contacts in both .vcf and .csv formats


  • Improved Italian language support for Atmail calendar
  • Fixed calendar web interface still displaying in Mobile UI when it is not enabled


  • Fixed file losing associated comments when moving the file
  • Fixed cogwheel drop down menu not loading on click


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