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Update 7.2.2

Stewart -

March 6, 2014

Multiple Security Improvements:

  • XSS and CSRF vulnerability reduction through architectural changes
  • New filters and validation rules for API calls
  • New filters and validation rules for software functionality
  • Corrected Webdav controller functionality
  • Improved attachment and storage filename rules
  • Forced download of attachments for insecure mime types
  • Reduced exposure of technical error messages to end-users

Multiple Bug Fixes:

  • [Storage] Icons in storage pane
  • [System] Icon colours within colour themes
  • [Email] Unread icon functionality for threaded messages
  • [Contacts] Contact import button text
  • [Email] Support for pasting multiple emails into address fields
  • [Admin] Fixed selection boxes within WebAdmin
  • [Calendar] Fixed calendar bug on viewing day/week/month
  • [Storage] Fixed upload button bug for storage
  • [Calendar] Fixed bug for event attendees in Chrome and Safari
  • [Security] Spam Reporting bug
  • [Email] HTML formatted message display
  • [Email] Flag deletion on reply


  • [System] Increased tooltip support
  • [System] httponly cookie support
  • [System] General clean up & removal of unused code
  • [General] Improved multiple device synchronisation support
  • [General] Updated DavSync plugin


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