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Update 7.1.1

Stewart -

May 30, 2013

New Features!

  • New, improved WebAdmin Theme
  • Improved branding support
  • New Password Policy feature
  • Extensive reporting and statistics for users - includes access geo-location and user-level graphs
  • Enabled automatic resizing of main and login page logos
  • Unified Webmail and Admin theme styles


  • ActiveSync ® default lifetime to 1800 seconds
  • Added 5 pixel drag-n-drop distance before enable for User Manager
  • Added ActiveSync ® logs in User Manager
  • Added new Log_Device table for tracking mobile devices
  • Added script for purging of SerialConf table of data older than 1 year
  • Added top border to threaded emails
  • Admin - Added Edit User to User Manager summary pane
  • Admin - Added new icons for User Manager
  • Admin - Added placeholder for no users selected
  • Admin - Added updated images for logo and settings icons
  • Admin - Cleaned up Edit User form
  • Admin - Updates to form fields and changed position of Import/Edit buttons in User Manager
  • Admin - cleaned up group edit forms and dynamically resizing graphs
  • Admin - Services - Mail Relay - 'Delete Selected' removes rows from table immediately rather than on refresh
  • Admin - User Manager > Edit Group Settings button moved to view user
  • Admin - User Manager > Updated message display used by User Manager
  • Admin - User Manager > Display message if domain disabled
  • Calendar invites now have update button
  • Clear password text fields when user changes their password
  • Consolidated all user prepwork for view template into model
  • Consolidated attachment FS code from multiple locations
  • Displays loading notification during graph loading time
  • Displays loading notification during User Manager load
  • More white-labelling options for help files
  • Now handles missing gb and iMagick
  • Performance tweaks and caching for User Manager to increase load speed
  • Push - disabled all debug output by default, and added new script to toggle debug mode for push - toggleDebug.php
  • Removed unused debug code
  • Updated admin fresh login page header image
  • Updated help files with new icons and image borders
  • Webadmin: use style colour on admin graphs instead of static colour
  • Webmail - View Email > Top right dropdown - Removed white area behind dropdown
  • Webmail - View Email > Top right dropdown - Removed white area behind message subject
  • Added calendar LDAP auth test kit


  • Admin - Fixed 'user disabled' status
  • Admin - Plugins - Fixed Upload Plugins button
  • Admin - Security - Add Subadmin - Fixed password does not match error message, reenabled submit button after error
  • Admin - Security - Change Password - Fixed password cannot be zero length message
  • Admin - Security - Edit Subadmin - Added back button
  • Admin - Security - Edit Subadmins - Removed 'Delete Selected' button
  • Admin - Security - Fixed issues with clicking on Subadmin username
  • Admin - Security - List Subadmin - Fixed regression with display subadmin table
  • Admin - Services - ArchiveVault - Fixed ArchiveVault Status displaying 'Attempting to connect' after save
  • Admin - Services - Email Aliases - Fix 'delete' not working.
  • Admin - Services - Email Aliases - Fixed alias not being removed from list on delete
  • Admin - Services - Fixed regressions in Email Aliases and Mail Relay
  • Admin - Services - Mass Mail - Added back button to compose form and resized Subject box
  • Admin - Services - Mass Mail - Added back button to send result page
  • Admin - Services - Mass Mail - Fixed compose form and send functionality
  • Admin - Services - SMTP - Fixed settings  save if Enable DKIM Outbound checked and DKIM Domain not specified.
  • Admin - User Manager - Add domain lists new domain under Domains rather than Groups
  • Admin - User Manager - Display remove group/domain button when clicking on a new group/domain
  • Admin - User Manager - Edit User - User Photo - Fix spinner overlap text, link only spans width of image
  • Admin - User Manager - Edit domain - Change throw exception to add error
  • Admin - User Manager - Edit group/domain settings button displayed after editing a user
  • Admin - User Manager - Fixed User Manager loading with no user group selected
  • Admin - User Manager - Hide edit domain button when viewing all users or external accounts
  • Admin - User Manager - Hide remove folder buttons when All Users or External Accounts selected
  • Admin - User Manager - New domain displays correct symbol
  • Admin - User Manager - Select new group or domain after creating
  • Admin - User Manager - Show all users after deleting a group or domain
  • Admin - User Manager - View users - Removed duplicate code
  • Admin can now correctly disable domains
  • Corrected auth controller for external accounts without domain
  • Corrected date handling for dav backend for dates with unix timestamp of 0. (1970/1/1)
  • Corrected realpath calculations for reading timezones + prefix for timezones to include 3 area components correctly
  • Corrected timezone filter to accept underscores
  • Corrected timezones that have 3 area components
  • Corrected timezones that have trailing white space
  • Corrected upload failed if attachment is too large
  • DAV - AD fix for allowing auth when AD is set and bind=%u, which is the default
  • DAV - Correcting invitation issues
  • DAV - Fixed bad WebDAV folder names if children folders are created
  • DAV - Fixed date timezone selection throwing uncaught exception
  • DAV - Fixed debug output in production mode
  • DAV - Fixed quota + WebDAV error on webmail only installations without quota available
  • DAV - Fixed timezone vObject attempted read even when no timezone information present
  • DAV - Fixed various variable usage issues
  • Fixed API admin call to change password wipes phone numbers for user
  • Fixed install prompt - [Press Enter to Continue]
  • Fixed bad URI when fetching User Photo
  • Fixed datetime object
  • Fixed db configuration saving and Multi-SQL failover specification saving
  • Fixed delete trash on logout if Admin > Settings > User Defaults > Delete trash on logout checked
  • Fixed filename issue with branding logos and theme
  • Fixed filename issues with attachments
  • Fixed group edit
  • Fixed infinite loop in shared download links
  • Fixed menu indent in webmail
  • Fixed move folder issues for some license types
  • Fixed registration page for some installations
  • Fixed settings - password settings not displaying after editing user
  • Fixed storage and settings links in header not working in webmail
  • Fixed timeago regression
  • Fixed various IE issues for admin
  • Fixed various image sources that were incorrect
  • Fixed webmail login logo being cut off
  • Fixed issue of when adding a folder, input box is cut off on the right
  • Now hides timezone discovery warnings
  • Push - Corrected mbox folder not correctly populated on first connect
  • Push - Fixed accepting alternate domain/user format correctly
  • Push - Fixed Log_Login logging IPs on failure
  • Push - Fixed missing define
  • Push - refactored debug - improved error/exception handler, added shutdown handler, now logs fatal errors to php STDERR, disables error_reporting when in production mode
  • Push - removed debuginfo print out on error in production mode
  • Removed human readable output from ActiveSync ® service, replaced with correct HTTP error codes
  • Removed references to nonexisting plugins causing 404 errors
  • Services - WebDAV File Storage - Fixed sliders
  • SubAdmin - User Manager - Do not display edit domain/group button if subadmin
  • SubAdmin - User Manager - Do not display edit user button if the subadmin does not have editing permissions
  • SubAdmin - User Manager - Hide add/remove domain/group buttons if subadmin user
  • Subadmin - Removed menu headings that have no items displayed
  • Updated admin forms
  • WebAdmin - License - Register Serial - Fixed save button displaying JSON response
  • WebAdmin - Services - Email Aliases - Fix alias table style
  • Webadmin -> Services -> Webmail hidden in Webmail only mode
  • Webadmin - Edit User - Fixed webmail only install getting password field cannot be blank error
  • Webmail - Compose - Fixed confirm on send
  • Webmail - Login page - Moved ' / ' between Signup and Webadmin links so it is only visible when Signup is visible
  • Webmail - Settings - Change Password - Fade and disable save button on click
  • Webmail log in page - removed '/' from signup link when admin - settings - Sign-up page enabled checked
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