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Update 7.0.2

Stewart -

Mar 7, 2013


  • HTML ActiveSync support
  • Added Turkish translation
  • SSL iOS Provisioning: now uses secure ports by default
  • Added Config variables for tracking SpamAssassin version
  • Added an option to allow users to set their BCC to always show
  • Added SMTP server setting for spam reporting
  • Autocomplete now allows comma to separate emails
  • Autocomplete now allows semicolon-separated email list
  • CSS tweaks for some languages
  • Can now forward emails to secondary spam systems
  • Can now perform global contact search via ActiveSync
  • Configuration tests in installer now display domain name in information
  • Flash notice and close if there are no files in storage
  • Improved performance for various user model MySQL requests
  • Improved timeout handling for ActiveSync longpoll
  • Now allows html files to be downloaded
  • Now supports ActiveSync v12.1 - includes header compression and bandwidth reduction.
  • Server protocol updated for shared file link
  • Tidy up for thumbnail creation for attach from storage
  • Translations added for: Calendar pop-up, compose message form, top-left dropdown menu, 2/3 Pane view buttons, and list groups (storage)
  • Updated Push debug log lines to be easier to read
  • Updated Mobile UI CSS for report spam icons
  • Webmail now jumps to attachment anchor when you click the paper clip


  • Added spam reporting feature for webmail-only Atmail
  • Display all groups in auto-complete even if some share all the same contacts
  • Fix for some messages not displaying due to htmlspecialchars()/htmlentities() returning a blank string if some chars cannot be converted. Added ENT_IGNORE to get around this but is only available in PHP5.3
  • Fixed ActiveSync ping consuming ports without close if device connection unexpectedly drops
  • Fixed Activesync state corruption
  • Fixed PDF content is not displaying for few of the attached PDFs.
  • Fixed alarms not being removed under specific scenarios
  • Fixed auto installation of RPM for appliances
  • Fixed bug in Groupware Zone setting of dropdowns not showing saved values
  • Fixed cached items served up for some calendar events
  • Fixed calendar model for availability unable to set
  • Fixed calendar popup running off top or bottom of screen when displayed
  • Fixed calendar refresh issue for activesync
  • Fixed catch for deleted extension and add it back into the new filename
  • Fixed catch for failed session close in index.php
  • Fixed certain functions that should have been static
  • Fixed configuration object for ActiveSync to disable search when contacts are not enabled
  • Fixed DAV XML processor for orphaned block properties
  • Fixed divide-by-zero error for SubAdmin with no users allocated
  • Fixed download vCard if extra colon in fax numbers
  • Fixed event description having title overwrite it
  • Fixed 'Home Fax' sync from server to device
  • Fixed incorrect paths for some png files from jQuery UI
  • Fixed invitations for PHP 5.1
  • Fixed issue decoding MIME with multi content-type
  • Fixed issue where some MIME types aren't detected due to case sensitivity
  • Fixed password change being available to external users
  • Fixed passwords failing for CalDAV basic HTTP Auth that contain ':'
  • Fixed quota response encoding for languages other than English
  • Fixed quotation marks in storage when renaming and loading thumbnails
  • Fixed remove event recurrences under specific scenarios
  • Fixed issue where setting Groupware zone to off allowed global contacts search
  • Fixed syntax error in purge-users.php that effected some PHP versions
  • Fixed timeout for ActiveSync cached ping
  • Fixed timezone calculations under invalid TZ idents
  • Fixed timezone for calendar stat for activesync connections
  • Fixed tmp directory writable check for login action
  • Fixed toggle thread only display partial email contents issue
  • Fixed user add for basic licenses
  • Fixed user quota calculation for subadmins with unlimited user quotas
  • Fixed various click states for attachments from storage
  • Removed all local domains being listed in log in page source.
  • Removed bad zend_session create for unused session namespace\
  • Removed various debug output
  • Server install updated: Database names with '.' now accepted, text changed to specify requirement to get license
  • Tidy up of remember-me code
  • Translation strings updated
  • [Mobile UI] Implemented spam button on mobile UI


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