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Atmail 7 - Major Release!

Stewart -

Dec 20, 2012

New Features

  • New Atmail 7 theme
  • New color customization options
  • New DAVSync
  • White-labelling options for DAVSync
  • Faster performance for big mailboxes
  • Tons of improvements and fixes


  • Addressbook Edit/Delete buttons now disabled if no contacts are selected
  • Accepting events now reports the timezone in preview
  • Added absolute path for a require_once() call in webmail-update.php so that it can be run from any current working directory
  • Added better styling for threaded view
  • Added body peek to collapsed thread nodes
  • Added coloring for all elements in UI
  • Added favicon for storage
  • Added long time waiting hint for long time search
  • Added message to inform admins to run cli-update on all Atmail servers in a cluster
  • Added missing module build for Spamassassin
  • Added New Email as default action for mail list 'Compose' button
  • Added new plugin hook 'preListUsers' for admin module
  • Added php date.timezone check
  • Added protection code for multiple searches clicked in a short time
  • Added protection for renaming reserved storage folders
  • Added some missing help images
  • Implemented function for renaming Storage folders
  • Implemented new Unread filter
  • Improved implementation of the following filters: Purchases, Friends, Newsletters, Notifications, Flagged messages
  • Improved jQuery selectors for some Addressbook actions to improve theme compatibility
  • Improved window resizing, now has minimum width.
  • Moved help files into a new tab instead of popping up
  • Webmail now properly redirects to Mobile UI login on iOS devices
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Added class for correct display of contact name on delete
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Updated css for retina icons
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Newly saved signature now appears in new emails
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Dropdown menu no longer blocks buttons at bottom of screen


  • Atmail Attendees - fixed descripition length
  • Changed all Download ID references to clientid
  • Corrected 'array' error on edit user if no user selected
  • Corrected database field naming incorrect for dav principal backend
  • Corrected DAV ORG mapping, follows combination of RFC 6350 and CCITT.X520 (1988)
  • Corrected DAV listing for root principals
  • Corrected port for xml profile iphone
  • Corrected variable usage during contact mapper
  • Corrected various issues for folder/domain controls in admin User Manager
  • Corrected various VObject parsing errors
  • Dates in calendar column headers now obey Date Format setting
  • Fixed spellcheck error in IE
  • Fixed appointment/.ics attachment processing
  • Fixed bugs with creating and renaming sub-folders
  • Fixed refresh error on mailboxes
  • Fixed 'Incorrect search result' message in Firefox
  • Fixed IE7/8 issue where forwarding an email with an image attachment results in Javascript error
  • Fixed comment deletion in Storage tab
  • Fixed file permissions on emails after arrival
  • Fixed API directory removal errors
  • Fixed issue with attachments overlapping buttons
  • Fixed attendees in Internet Explorer 8
  • Fixed spellcheck bug for multi-line text where the first or last words are misspelled
  • Fixed calendar positioning of dates on hover
  • Fixed error for when clicking Delete button in Storage tab but no files are selected
  • Fixed failure when removing flag on filtered results
  • Fixed issue where folders cannot be renamed when it is the current folder
  • Fixed help guide navigation issues
  • Fixed installation issues for CentOS minimal 6.3
  • Fixed issue with spellchecker where after spellcheck has been used on an email, any subsequent spellchecks ignore the first word
  • Fixed minor PHP notices
  • Fixed notes on DAVSync tool
  • Fixed organizer being set in CalDAV XML data without any attendees
  • Fixed signup page
  • Fixed syntax error in webmail installation file
  • Fixed update script not finding libraries under PHP Strict mode
  • Fixed various javascript undefined warnings jsoncallback
  • Fixed width of the search bar
  • Fixed wrong argument order for method in plugin base class
  • Fixed calendar popup not being removed when clicking another tab
  • Hide permission errors for chmod failures
  • Removed double borders in Firefox
  • Removed port 11211 from recommended open firewall ports
  • Removed various debug output
  • Updated icons for color schemes
  • Various grammar and spelling mistakes corrected
  • Corrected New Event from main UI dropdown list
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Fixed menu overlaps when using vertical views.
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Fixed issue with saved signatures not showing up in Compose page
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Fixed scrolling issue in login page
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Fixed folder creation bug
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Fixed issue with settings dropdown list
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Fixed crashing issues with Compose page


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