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External Mail Client - Outlook 2013 for Windows

Stewart -

I want my users to be able to configure their atmail 7 cloud accounts with Outlook 2013.


  • atmail 7 cloud

Requirement for Outlook 2013 configuration.


Required details

To connect your atmail cloud account to Outlook 2013 you will need the following:

  • Email Address
  • Email Password
  • Server Settings
    • Basic Server Settings:
      Incoming server: mail-<subscriptionname>
      Port: 143 for IMAP, 110 for POP3
      Outgoing server: smtp-<subscriptionname>
      Port: 25 or 587
    • Secure Server Settings:
      Incoming server: mail-<subscriptionname>
      Port: 143 for IMAP using TLS encryption, 25 for SMTP using TLS encryption, OR
      Port: 993 for IMAP using SSL encryption, 995 for POP3 using SSL encryption.
      Outgoing server: smtp-<subscriptionname>
      Port: 25 or 587 using TLS encryption, OR
      Port: 465 using SSL encryption

Note: Connection via Secure Server Settings is highly recommended. IMAP is also preferred over POP3. If you are unsure on what settings to use with your atmail cloud account, please contact your atmail cloud webadmin/Account Manager.

Setting up New Account

Open Microsoft Outlook 2013 and click 'File' then Info then Add Account.

Select 'Manual setup or additional server types' and click Next.

Choose Service

Select 'POP or IMAP' and click Next.

POP and IMAP Account Settings

Fill out each filed with the required details. Once you have done this click on 'Test Account Settings...' to confirm your details are correct.

Example configuration:

User Information

Your Name: atmail test
Email Address:

Server Information

Account Type: select POP3 or IMAP
Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:

Logon Information

Password: P@SSW0RD!

Required IMAP Advanced Settings

Click on 'More Settings...'. In the popup window, go to the 'Advanced' tab.


Root folder path: Inbox

Click OK to save settings and close the 'More Settings...' dialogue box. Click Next to complete account setup.

Changing the port

If you have set up atmail to use a non standard port for either POP3, IMAP or SMTP you will need to change the port settings. From the 'POP and IMAP Account Settings' page click on 'More Settings...' and select the advanced tab.

Change details to desired port numbers. Click "OK" to save settings and close "More Settings..." dialogue box.

Complete Account Setup

Click Next to continue.

Popup window for 'Test Account Settings'. Click 'Close' when complete to continue.

Click 'Finish'.

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