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SpamSettings Plugin

Stewart -


I need Anti-Spam controls in my webmail client only installation.


  • Webmail Only Installations: Version 6.0 > 7.8


State the cause of the problem, if known.


  1. Download the SpamSettings Plugin

  2. Add the plugin to your installation via the WebAdmin > Plugins > Add Plugin.

  3. Navigate to the SpamSettings Directory

    cd /var/www/html/atmail/application/modules/mail/plugins/Atmail/SpamSettings

  4. Edit the Api.php settings file with your correct SpamSettings API details.

     * This class is used to interface with your API so that the plugin
     * can get and set the Spam Settings.
    class Api
     * This is the email account name for which we need to get/set data
     private $_emailAccount;
     public function __construct($emailAccount)
     $this->_emailAccount = $emailAccount;
     // Do any further API connection/authentication if required
     * This method should fetch the Spam Settings and return it as
     * an array as such:
     * array(
     * 'whitelist_from' => "" // (string) list of email addresses, one per line
     * 'blacklsit_from' => "" // (string) list of email addresses, one per line
     * 'required_score' => "" // (string|int) numerical value for the required_score
     * 'spam_treatment' => "" // (string) a value of either "mark", "trash" or "delete"
     * 'rewrite_header' => "" // (string)
     * )
     * The user for whom you need to get the settings is in $this->_emailAccount
     * @return Array
     public function getSpamSettings()
     * This method is used to save the Spam Settings, so you need to use your API to set
     * the data passed to this method.
     * @param array $whitelist An array of email addresses to be whitelisted
     * @param array $blacklist An array of email addresses to be blacklisted
     * @param string $requiredScore The score required to mark an email as spam
     * @param string $spamTreatment What to do if an email is marked as spam (mark, delete or trash)
     * @param string $rewriteHeader What tag to add to the subject header if an email is spam
     * @return bool|string Return boolean TRUE on success or an error message on failure
     public function saveSpamSettings($whitelist, $blacklist, $requiredScore, $spamTreatment, $rewriteHeader)
     // Use your API to save the spam settings


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