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Plugins Help

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This guide will take you through the steps to add/remove and enable/disable all plugins via the atmail 6 and atmail 7 WebAdmin.

Add Plugins

Here we can add upload and add new plugins to Atmail.

Plugins available for installation

This is a list of plugins that have been uploaded to the Atmail server but not yet installed.

You can click on a plugin in the list to load it and display it's info, then you can choose to install it.

Upload a plugin for installation

Here you can click the button labeled Upload Plugin to upload a new plugin. Clicking the button will bring up your file browser so you can select the plugin to upload.

Once the plugin is uploaded Atmail will load it and display it's information, then you can click on the Install PluginName button to install the plugin.

All newly installed plugins are enabled by default, so now the new plugin should be active.

Plugin Settings

Enable Plugins

Here you can turn the entire plugin engine on or off. When off no plugins will be loaded. If you are experiencing problems with Atmail you should first turn off the plugin engine to rule out whether a plugin is causing any issues.

Individual Plugin settings

Below Enable Plugins you will find a list of installed plugins. Next to each plugin is an on/off switch that allows you to enable or disable each individual plugin. Please note that after you are done setting which plugins are on or off you need to click the Save Settings button on the top right of the page.

There is also a display info link that you can click to see information about each plugin. You can also click on the plugin's name to show or hide this information.

You can also click on components of the displayed path for each plugin to filter what plugins are displayed


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