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Update 6.6.2

Stewart -

Nov 15, 2012

Critical Security Updates

  • New Exim 4.80.1, fixes CVE-2012-5671

New Features

  • Implemented generation 1 Calendar Attendees handling (send invite to attendees, send html response to invites)
  • Branding for Mobile UI
  • Branding for default login screen
  • [Mashup] Added calendar map mashup demo


  • Moved webmail service on/off 'setting' to services tab
  • Added 'excluded domains/groups' link to global settings that are possibly overwritten by domain/group settings
  • Added istyle buttons to ArchiveVault, anti-virus panes
  • Branding for shared file download page
  • All logos loaded from PHP script with cache options
  • Improved white label: modified logo preview images to not contain 'atmail'
  • New plugin hooks and plugin framework mods
  • [Mashup] Implemented auto login for mashup demos


  • Resolved DOM ID naming collision when both services and settings tabs open for some tabs
  • Consolidated services code
  • Made form ID naming consistent across all service panes
  • Corrected alias height in service pane
  • Added context for various selectors in Services tab
  • Fixed imapssl_enable permadeath when turned off in IMAP service pane
  • Fixed some buttons disabling themselves after use in services panes
  • Fixed incorrect var usage
  • Removed unused WebSync settings from groups
  • Corrected storage class handling of bad connections
  • Fixed error message for invalid user details
  • Fixed granite theme for branding
  • Branding now works correctly again
  • Corrected branding image size to 89px
  • Cleanup + updating authors
  • Fixed ICS preview
  • Fixed calendar attendees
  • Attendees functionality to accept Outlook ICSs (trailing nonprinting chars), and also make Outlook show accept buttons inline
  • Added group/domain inherited settings indication for usermanager view user
  • [Mashup Example] Updated CalendarMap to work with v3 of Google Maps API
  • [CalDAV] Fixed failure of fetching data under rare circumstances
  • [Mobile UI] Upgrade jQueryMobile
  • [Mobile UI] Fixed calendar display issue
  • [ActiveSync] Various issues fixed
  • Replaced TRANSLIT with IGNORE in ViewMessageController as TRANSLIT was causing iconv to choke on some chars and cut emails short
  • [Mashup] Fixed broken picture in mail-tab mashup example
  • Slightly altered code that removes new folder from DOM if creation failed (previous jQuery did not work for customized themes)
  • Added some missing return's after using _forward()
  • [Mobile UI] Reduce flicker in android between page transition


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