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Update 6.6.1

Stewart -

Oct 11, 2012

Mobile UI

  • NEW Calendar Events in Mobile UI
  • NEW swipe menu for quick access
  • Fixed mobile UI broken on Android issue. This is due to delete is a reserved word, cannot be used as function name even inside object
  • Added No events hint when calendar is empty
  • Change text Menu to Actions for sidebar
  • Added display realname in profile
  • Fixed ajax-loader cannot display properly issue
  • Fixed missing resources (wrong png file url). Files have to be added cause jQuery will access them internally
  • Added files to implement slide menu
  • Added new icons
  • Tidied up mobile popup pane
  • CSS tweaks for color scheme
  • Added ability to close sidebar with swipeleft
  • Added function to rerun profile abook id to get profile photo
  • Removed duplicated CSS rules
  • Fixed double render mail list (duplicated mail list) when logged-in
  • Fixed access error with ending '/' in URL


  • Fixed Webmail sessions timeout prematurely
  • Fixed various IE7 & IE8 bugs
  • Registration pane and css changes as requested from Bonny
  • Corrected etag usage in CalDAV lib
  • Fixing autocomplete regression
  • Added security feature to make sign in cookies exclusive. You now cannot sign in to both WebClient and WebAdmin at the same time
  • Disabled debugging in SyncML client
  • Changed SabreDAV stability indicator to 'modified' for version string output
  • Corrected bad variable usage in CalDAV code
  • Delete one debug output line
  • Greek Translation updated, all translation files updated to latest trunk strings
  • Corrected exit() to return
  • Corrected favicon update during search
  • Corrected search results error
  • Fixed optimization error if filter range provided with 'open' ends
  • Added console.js for better and save output in IE
  • Large cleanup; corrected PHP errors, fixed typo, spelling, changed zend error message, converted some file formats from Windows CRLF to Unix LF, removed commented code, removed some unused JavaScript files
  • Fixed Autoreply enabled with Forwarding, broke Forwarding
  • Added missing quota directory
  • Removed unused meta tags
  • Removed version string displayed on login page
  • Added robots meta tag to stop search engines indexing login pages
  • Server upgrade, must reset the EXIM setupid root correctly, else mailx/exim will fail for other uses
  • Autocomplete - if dups in results, select the one with the most details and display that only
  • Quota refactor - client, server, external accounts
  • Corrected CSS rules for progress bar
  • Added updated image for percent gradient
  • Corrected unable to delete messages when @ full quota, removed clientside quota tracking (not used)
  • Corrected exit used inside controller for downloading attachments
  • Corrected conflicting ID tags in settings panel
  • Corrected string to strong tag
  • Added button note that activating forwarding will not store locally
  • Only declare hex2bin() if the function does not exist (exists as a native function in PHP 5.4+)
  • Fixed unlimited quota storage upload fail
  • Fixed admin, user settings, hide quota for non local domains
  • Fixed installation failure on Debian 6, caused by Debian built-in exim4 installed by default
  • Fixed testatmail.php error on fresh installation: Added proper logger entries
  • Fixed disconnect issue with Dovecot 2.x when emptying a folder
  • Moved html/text filtering and rendering to controller, added original/filtered texts to DOM, on reply now copy original email
  • Calendar; Fixed issue that popup event goes to blank in some cases
  • Corrected API unlimited quota being accepted for subadmins with quota defined
  • Config lib mods
  • Corrected subadmin quota display showing blank for quota
  • Corrected user create API call not accepting unlimited quotas
  • Corrected admin jQuery namespace conflicts
  • Fixed negative quotas acceptable
  • Corrected float plot errors when divs are hidden
  • Improved sieveFile.php so some of it's code for generating sieve scripts can be used externally
  • Implemented updated BGIFrame JavaScript
  • Added missing configuration from installer SQL
  • Corrected variable usage calendar controller
  • Fixed drafts counter increase - missing variable
  • Bumped version improved login page to turn on/off link to admin page
  • Fixed Swedish language positioning
  • Corrected reply header variable usage and encoding
  • Correcting JSON construction for UT
  • Corrected JavaScript error if foldername was blank when renamed, corrected folder rename accepting namespace delimiters
  • Update composer forms and views on folder rename
  • Reversed previous solution for callback rendering instead created target divs which are global unique, consolidated code for preparing mail list
  • Corrected new folder being selected but not rendering contents
  • Fixed IE broken due to missing base64 functions in IE


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