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Update 6.6.0

Stewart -

Aug 13, 2012
  • Corrected image attachment functionality
  • Hide CC in forward email when CC is empty
  • Corrected auth variable usage and cutoffstr generation for active sync calendar
  • Added x-axis scroll for wide emails when using IE7
  • Disable group delete button if a system group is selected
  • Composer now specifies correct document encoding
  • Added version string to reply load (cached heavily)
  • Corrected JS error scrollTo issue for three pane if no message selected
  • Hiding DAV errors from UI frontend, now logged to stderr
  • Fixed image load/error counting for iframe height trigger and calendar
  • Disabled quota display in admin for client installations
  • Fixed clean-logs.php for webmail client installation is incorrect
  • Changed getsync.php to include base64 version string
  • Fixed Webmail Client > Admin, Settings, Save global, Restart services should not appear
  • Added ability for plugins to set error message when email send fails
  • Added tab context for jQuery that sets width of image attachments
  • Fixed Webmail Client > Admin, mobile UI screenshot is blank/wrong
  • Fixed Webmail Client > Forward email headers, fixed look like reply header
  • Hide errors from chown for webmail clients
  • Updated plugin installer to check for blank version compact strings for older style plugins
  • Updated server version string for old websync, now disabled/removed all functions for sync only version check remains./li>
  • Corrected bad debug output for activesync, causes error on output
  • Added 401 ignore for DAV backend errors
  • Corrected issue where if strtotime fails the getrange fails for DAV backend
  • Removed sabredav version output, disabled domxml output on error, disabled Apache error log output for 403 errors
  • Corrected ID usage 'limit' - moved to Atmail_Enum
  • Fixed typo in add image URL prompt
  • Corrected composer form preparedhtml area not being translated correctly into utf-8 as specified by the composer form doc type
  • Made the RTE image linker text more descriptive
  • Corrected login, disables form/submit until jQuery has loaded
  • Corrected drafts behaviour to be consistent across all views/folders
  • Added composer ID for threaded composers to correct draft ID tracking with multiple messagelist/composers
  • Now saves drafts on hashed content change and doesn't pollute your drafts folder with blank composers
  • Now detects changes in to/from/CC/BCC/files fields for draft saving
  • Corrected drafts XSS
  • Corrected JS error in drafts
  • Consolidate all draft functions
  • Corrected wrapping for titles in information box
  • Fixed Webmail Quick reply > Add attachment from Storage > Search
  • Fixed trailing comma on JS arg list that majorly broke app for IE7
  • Fixed clean-logs.php references dropped column
  • Fixed exception WebMail > Compose > IE9 > 'Reply To All' checkbox
  • Corrected jscrollpane usage
  • Corrected some cache issues
  • Corrected positioning of triangle for 'I' information pane
  • Moved cache cleaning code into it's own method, avoid call if memcache on (though underlying Zend lib does not try to clean memcache anyhow)
  • Fix for checkConfig() method where it was not building valid SQL queries
  • Corrected testConfig function for database updates
  • If using memcache, disable the temp folder removal
  • Added warning output on cache failure
  • Changed cache cleanup chance to 0.01%
  • Corrected admin new user row being clickable during placeholder mode
  • Fixed regression where Real name field doesn't handle '&' very well
  • Added additional read receipt MIME headers to coax Outlook to honour read receipts and ask target user to send read receipt
  • Added missing INBOX to translation list
  • Specifically set overflow-x to hidden for IE7 iframe
  • Corrected IE7 JS error if images are hidden
  • Made blank page match doc type charset
  • Removed multi DnD file upload limit that was imposed while thumbnail performance issued was resolved
  • Fixed input width in login page
  • Corrected mime ICS attachment handling
  • Fixed broken SQL installation file
  • Corrected AJAX upload behaviour for IE7
  • Fixed description for multi-LDAP servers field to specify using commas
  • Fixes DnD offset icon for IE7
  • Disable for IE7/8 for favicons notification and added message that browser does not support notification feature if it is IE<9
  • cookie_path patch to resolve potential cross site cookie stealing
  • Improved contacts import
  • Fixes for sent/date/message-id/in-reply-to XSS
  • Added optimiser to calendarObjects
  • Removed add photo from default user photo image
  • Fixes path to default contact image
  • Corrected segfault during searches for users that contain photo data
  • Fixed Pop up error on logout
  • Added Message composer and header hooks for custom message headers, e.g. priority
  • Ignore the 1×1 image from Outlook during a sync
  • Corrected date display for manformed dates
  • Corrected calendar delegate calendars from being deleted by write members, now removes the delegation instead
  • Fixed scroll to new contact group when click to create new group and it is out of view
  • Change message given when opening Remembered group and it is empty (because you cannot drag and drop to this group)
  • Corrected storage directory for webmail installations
  • Fixes issue where IE would not download contact export file if using HTTPS
  • Added max height for contact pictures
  • Corrected timezone variable usage in calendar controller
  • iOS profile pages made theme-able
  • Fixed small gotcha where PHP 5.2.10 has DateTime but doesn't have DateTime::getTimestamp
  • Fixes for card/calendar vobject parsing
  • Implemented hide BCC on show, and show BCC when CC got focus
  • Fixed [x] image display issue in recipient
  • Admin > corrected new user row being disabled
  • Corrected foldernames accepting /
  • Fixed do not save contact with empty info
  • Corrected proposed user quota being negative
  • Fixed pathname for IE specific CSS files
  • Corrected datetime objects to ignore non-valid TimeZone idents
  • Corrected positioning for color selector in IE7/8 and JavaScript error
  • Fixed drafts saving disabling and reenabling of related buttons
  • Fixed IE7 selector failure
  • Fixed contact edit/delete toggle issue
  • Added class name to actions div when tabs are open
  • Refactored storage thumbnail processing to be better cached, and load staggered
  • Clicking minisearch dropdown arrow now properly slides up or down accordingly
  • Fixed mini mail search fail. tested in IE8, FF13, Safari, Chrome successfully
  • Added domain mapping to migrate-imap.php

Mobile UI Fixes

  • Fixed mail list UI not cleared when move mail to other folder
  • Fixed local cache not cleared bug when delete in side view page
  • Added class for mail folder
  • Polished folder delete for mobile UI
  • Added new folder icon for mobile UI
  • New icons for contact groups
  • Improved mail folder list arrow hover display
  • Hide show next bar when refresh
  • Reduce quick reply height when content is deleted
  • Fixed quick reply format issue. Improved transition between reply/reply all/forward/quick reply
  • Disabled tabToggle for quick reply
  • Settings page go back after save
  • Fixed maillist cleared when back from compose
  • Fixed template text displayed in settings page
  • Fixed duplicated render in maillist when back from view page
  • Implemented waiting period for list/updatefolderTotal to avoid refresh unread count which is expensive invoke to server each time when show folderlist
  • Changed edit mode buttons to more intuitive ones
  • Polished autocomplete for mobile UI
  • Improved quick reply position in mail view, now the textarea will fill the rest area rather than 70%
  • Improved display mail view, reduced the adjusting flash for quick reply height
  • Do not apply default logo icon on contact list
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