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Update 6.5.0

Stewart -

Jun 26, 2012

New Feature


  • Added more element classes for easier theming
  • Corrected some bad CSS rules
  • Fixed contact display bug that does not clear photo if no photo
  • Corrected XSS issue with DOM processor that would not remove script tags embedded within crafted escape body
  • Fixed incorrect port specified for CalDAV in iOS provisioning
  • Improved field type for DOB in contacts - now correctly displays under most browsers
  • Fixed text overflow bug in webmail where text covers buttons
  • Prevents creation of contact groups with the same name
  • Corrected click propagation in threaded view
  • Added added bitfield to AutoReload configuration value to control how the user is notified of new email - None, Audio, Favicon
  • Corrected thread toggle behaviour to be more consistent
  • Corrected cursor icons in threaded view
  • Fixed quickreply to dim buttons when send clicked
  • Top navbar reply works again
  • Corrected searchbar placement
  • Fix ability for bootloader to properly load admin plugins on the login page
  • Fixed duplicate assignment and variable usage in core
  • Fixed htmlentities() bug when encode email address on Chrome
  • Removed dup recipient for reply all
  • Split To: field into separate <span/>
  • Spell check issue. Added Cancel menu item to close menu
  • Fixed import contact issue
  • Right-click blocking only block on folders and actions bar
  • Corrected unseen counter
  • Added correct CSS class and rules for unread items in 2/3 pane views
  • Added missing msgIcon div from latest rendered thread
  • Fixed mark as read/unread for 2/3 pane views and within thread responses
  • Corrected indicated unread emails and total unread listed in folder view
  • Now combines flags from all responses in threaded view
  • Now updates unread count during thread node reads
  • Corrected message flag icon disappearing after mark as read
  • Corrected sub-admin able to create admin username
  • Fixed 'late strategy' fetching for mail class
  • Top action bar reply button works for current selected thread
  • Corrected thread closing due to attachment click
  • Corrected threaded view displaying CC: when it's blank
  • Better cache degradation if cache fails
  • Better theme compatibility for contact photo uploaded
  • Fixed Unable to select text colour in Email Signature text editing options
  • Fixed contact photo cannot be uploaded issue
  • Extended the plugin: added an option to place the AjaxUploader in other place rather than document.body
  • Fixed if backend cache has instancing errors, do not fail the entire application - simply disable cache functionality
  • Corrected threaded view displaying CC: when its blank
  • Replaced exponentially growing message tab placement CSS with one liner jQuery left edge placement on end of nav tabs
  • Moved WebDav flags from user settings level to domain settings level
  • Corrected thread closing due to attachment click
  • Added hidden config value 'defaultImapSort' which allows admin to set DATE or ARRIVAL as the default sort method rather than UID
  • Corrected server installer using incorrect named function
  • Added spinner for move folder action
  • Only try to load theme CSS files and preloaded images if they exist
  • Corrected calendar help containing information on unsupported tasks
  • Added email validation for add/edit contact
  • Corrected VObject parsing exceptions to return 422 unprocessable entity rather then 500
  • Hiding exclamation icon by default else is displayed on folder list reload
  • Fixed sub-folder cannot be moved out of the parent folder as separate parent folder
  • Removed bad base64_encode from Exim_Config.php
  • Contact detail fields are not displayed completely with a screen resolution of 1024×768. Fixed under IE9
  • Improved Atmail_Cache class to allow per-item timeouts
  • Corrected account title not appearing for shared calendars if total shared = 1
  • Corrected quickview for calendar where event ids contained non-alpha characters which breaks the jQuery selectors
  • Implemented multiple backup MySQL Server support
  • Only send click and scrollTo JavaScript actions for webmail if settings saved from settings page, not switching 2/3 pane views
  • Corrected invalid variable usage in calendar model
  • Fixed missing quotes on update query for update controller
  • Altered settings/webmailsave code to allow for plugins setting the theme without getting the 'settings have been saved' alert
  • Corrected contact edit variable usage
  • Corrected calling convention for getPhotoResize
  • Corrected sendAsText variable usage
  • Corrected strict mode assign by reference errors
  • Removed debug output from autoloader
  • Removed debug output from filepreview plugin
  • Improved SabreDav > CardDav > Abook Mappings
  • Added image/pjpeg Microsoft progressive jpgs mime type to inline image rendering
  • Fixed call to private method from outside class scope that broke spellchecker
  • Corrected typo in viewmessage controller
  • Corrected overloaded Zend_Mail_Storage_Imap::appendMessage in Atmail_Mail_Storage_Imap::appendMessage not using variable
  • Corrected variable usage in recursive rendering for threads
  • Corrected static function use for getPhotoShadow in users model
  • Corrected variable usage for database user session
  • Corrected function usage for Pear date module
  • Corrected 'new' email search for favicon
  • Corrected strict mode issues with assign by reference from function call
  • Corrected favicons theme path usage
  • Corrected function definition declaration to static for hexaes_check_key_defined
  • Corrected scroll to empty composer on resize
  • Altered X-Mailer, set as 'Atmail' in class variable so it can be modified by plugins
  • Fixed enabling Spam tagging
  • Fixed auto save drafts sometimes not deleting previous save when new save is done
  • Fixed some warnings which could poison ActiveSync communications if error reporting is switched on
  • Updated position of spinner for renaming a folder
  • Added AJAX spinner for folder rename
  • Added version string to all favicons, corrected admin login page not loading favicon
  • Corrected localDomains variable usage, corrected main mail storage attempted destroy on failure without first checking class needed to be destroyed
  • Fixed switching from LDAP auth to Encrypted SQL fails to show required master key field
  • Corrected update to install config key if missing
  • Corrected cache system if config key is missing
  • Made entire mail row clickable to toggle threads, corrected propagating event during toggle
  • Added remoteServers/remoteDomains correction in 6.4.3 update controller
  • Corrected update to move Array remoteServers and remoteDomains correctly
  • Corrected invalid auth mode for calendar if Dovecot configuration missing
  • Corrected variable usage in Atmail mail storage class
  • Corrected variable usage in contacts controller
  • Upgraded LDAP handling to support multiple failover servers
  • Strip any leading/trailing whitespace from username before authentication
  • Added special handling for some actions so as not to reset the current session timeout value
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