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Update 6.4.2

Stewart -

May 30, 2012


  • Added X-Originating-IP header to outgoing emails
  • Added new print/reply buttons
  • Added ability to switch from https to http once login auth complete


  • Version update bug and installer issues
  • Navigate to admin license page for appliance installation
  • Wrong method name used in some migrate adapters
  • Corrected bad variable usage in calendar/settings controllers, calendar / email templates and Atmail mail/storage classes
  • Webkit scroll lock to bottom in message view
  • Apache configuration parser for Ubuntu
  • Debug bug where from Webadmin you could switch on IMAP debugging but could not switch it off
  • Corrected spelling error in database error page
  • Fixed typo on </html> tag on signup page

Theme Fixes

  • Correct CSS path to style help popup for any theme
  • Changed path for contact photo to get the correct theme
  • Added title tags to html editor buttons
  • Added class name to attachment holder to identify in theme CSS
  • Fixed broken image URL for user settings quota loading-spinner

Plugin Fixes/Improvements

  • Added ability to define plugin methods that are safe to call when user is not authenticated - useful for plugins that operate on the login page
  • The plugin functions _getJsonResponseHtml() and _setJsonResponseHtml() can now take an argument that specifies the location of the html body in the JSON response object
  • Centralised the code for the three (API, mail and admin) Plugin interface Controllers
  • Added some missing 'loginFail' plugin hooks


  • Added extra error output and exception catching for purge-users.php
  • Added handling for 'unknown' email from in headers for message class
  • Hide warnings from iconv usage as well as fall over to IGNORE if all else fails
  • Cache now has 1% chance to cleanup old entries


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