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Update 6.3.4

Stewart -

January 6, 2012

We start this year with a bang: with Atmail 6.3.4 - a large update designed to improve and expand your Atmail server by leaps and bounds. This major patch improves on many components of the Atmail interface and underlying systems. Fixes for many outstanding issues are also included - making for a much more improved webmail experience as the year starts.

Improvements and fixes include the following:


  • New MD5/MD5-Crypt password support
  • Improved calendar timezone support
  • Improved Vobject handling
  • Improved logging for calendars
  • Improved calendar update functions
  • Added per-domain/per-user controls for enabling Calendar Server support
  • Added migration scripts from Atmail 5 to Atmail 6.3+
  • Added Apache mod_rewrite detection for URL support
  • Optimised calendar table format
  • Fixed calendar authentication issues
  • Fixed several TimeZone issues with the Atmail Calendar Server
  • Fixed cache issues with the Calendar Server
  • Corrected issue with multiple calendar alarms
  • Better error detection for bad calendar entries
  • User can now define his/her own Timezone
  • Calendar now preserves timezone information
  • Calendar now supports detection of local timezones


  • Added support for more attachment types
  • Improved PDF rendering
  • Improved email header displays
  • Improved Empty Folder function
  • Fixed issues with contacts in the compose pane
  • Fixed composer input boxes
  • Fixed Favourites on new contacts
  • Better handling for registration issues on login
  • Better success messages for webmail
  • Better displays for accepting ICS


  • Version revision support for installer
  • Zimbra migration scripts
  • Better Atmail update logs
  • Improved update scripts
  • Improved database updates
  • Optimized system tables
  • New update documentation
  • Smarter updates now detect successful updates
  • Verbose mode for installer
  • Calendar compatibility test support during installations
  • Improved Webmail Client installation
  • Fixed issues with dbconfig.ini creation
  • Fixed MySQL fetch issues in installer
  • Fixed application root definitions
  • Fixed favicon issues
  • Fixed queries for DB updates
  • Fixed version string sanitisation issues


  • Fixed naming issues with update utilities
  • Fixed tabbing issues in Services navigation bar
  • Fixed version check for server-install.php
  • Fixed timezone issues with overview
  • Fixed WebAdmin CSS issues with scrolling
  • Better update functions
  • Smarter update functions now detect command-line update status
  • Added update logging
  • Fixed several issues when updating Atmail
  • Fixed display of update dialog
  • Fixed client update instructions
  • Refactored remoteDomains and remoteServers
  • Refactored WebAdmin page error display
  • Fixed remoteServer/remoteDomain display
  • Updater exceptionQuery now throws exception
  • Corrected version string generation to detect bad input
  • CLI updater now tracks client install mode


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