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Update 6.20.11

Stewart -

Aug 12, 2011

Atmail 6.20.11 is a maintenance release that focuses on improving email MIME parsing, and various other Webmail UI enhancements.

Improvements and fixes include the following:

  • Significantly improved final rendering and large/malformed issues of HTML emails:
    • Now attempts purification of emails with HTML content
    • Plaintext attachments now can handle HTML tag content
    • Fixed DOM walk required for purification hitting nested function limits. Please see max_input_nesting_level or xdebug.max_nesting_level for maximum HTML tag depth
    • Improved error support for regexp filtering of emails
    • Corrects DOCTYPE tags in final HTML rendering
    • Corrected encoding type for iframe in Internet Explorer 8
    • Corrected legacy removal of Microsoft style tags
  • Javascript strings are now part of the translation system
  • Updated DE(German) translation
  • Fixed mashup API usage
  • Improved timezone support within WebSync
  • Improved locale support and performance tweaks
  • Added BCC support for quick reply
  • Added admin setting to turn off JSONP support (security setting)
  • Corrected JS AJAX handler error on some PHP calls
  • Corrected email preview code not peeking until usable text found
  • Corrected missing HTML endtag in relay list
  • Corrected Copyright notifications for GPLv2 software for the Push feature
  • Corrected pagination controls wrapping
  • Corrected some CSS issues with some translations
  • Corrected auto reload to be context aware
  • Corrected loading spinner timeout and functionality
  • Corrected various PHP warnings
  • Corrected WebSync description in groupware settings
  • Fixed hide/show for some toolbar buttons
  • Fixed empty button usability
  • Fixed javascript error when a blank search is performed
  • Fixed attachment padding when email has more then 9 attachments
  • Now correctly handles 'UTF-4' MIME encoding type
  • Suppressed warning output from DOMDocument on malformed HTML load
  • Plugin base class now references correct location of HTML output in JSON response object
  • Removed trivial debug output in admin controller


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