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Update 6.20.10

Stewart -

July 18, 2011

Atmail 6.20.10 is a Major Upgrade Release. This version focuses on expanding Atmail's capabilities with new features, including a new API and various usability enhancements. Improvements include faster webmail performance, better migration utilities, and mailserver backend tweaks.

New Features At A Glance:

New Mashup API

New API available to create 3rd-party applications a nd web-mashups for Atmail. Extra mail, contact and calendaring data from the Atmail API and build your own applications which utilize the data in a simple to use JSON framework.

Display Images

New display images feature to automatically disable showing emails from senders for security. Click to view images.

Automatic Inbox reload

New automatic folder reload feature. New mail is automatically pushed to your Inbox, with an optional sound to indicate new mail arrival.

Automatic save as draft

New setting to automatically save messages to the IMAP drafts folder on reply and composing a new email. Never lose an email again!

Global whitelist/blacklist

Added a new panel in the Webadmin to define a global whitelist/blacklist for the SMTP server.

Other improvements include:
  • Optimised the language template interface of Atmail. Over 20% speed improvement in the Webadmin and Webmail UI using the improved functions
  • Optimised IMAP threads and message list using UID ranges. 10-20% speed improvement for loading times in the Webmail UI
  • Optimised core jQuery/Javascript routines in the Webmail UI to increase overall performance in the browser
  • Added ability to DnD remembered contacts to personal group
  • New migration scripts for importing data from Squirrelmail and Roundcube into Atmail
  • Improved quota calculation in the Webmail settings panel, based on the IMAP getquotaroot function
  • Improved mail-relay logic in the Webadmin and Exim configure
  • Improved Bcc visibility in Sent, Drafts, and Trash folders


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