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Update 7.3.2

Stewart -

June 19, 2014


  • [Bug Fix] Email signature issues.
  • [Bug Fix] Unread email count showing incorrectly.
  • [Bug Fix] Consecutive clicks of “Save Draft” resulting in error message display when opening the email within the drafts folder.
  • [Bug Fix] If multiple attachments are in a composed email, only one attachment is saved when saving to drafts.
  • [Bug Fix] Unable to delete emails from mailbox when the user has reached their quota.
  • [Bug Fix] Unwanted HTML encoding of international characters upon sending mail.
  • [Bug Fix] Web Mail User >> Top Right Corner Menu (Colour Theme, Settings, Help, Logout) closes on mouse over, prior to user click.
  • [Bug Fix] Unable to delete or move messages via webmail from Android or iOS.
  • [Bug Fix] HTTPS links embedded within email body is converted to HTTP links.
  • [Bug Fix] Non-empty value error.
  • [Bug Fix] Mobile UI: When an attempt to email fails, other features become inaccessible.
  • [Bug Fix] Error where .pdf and .doc attachments are not being sent.
  • [Bug Fix] Long sender names "cut off” in email display.
  • [Bug Fix] Next button is not displayed on 2pane view.
  • [Bug Fix] Forward emails to more than one email address at a time.
  • [Improvement] User experience when reporting spam messages in "Webmail Only” installations.
  • [Improvement] Ability to scroll through open mail tabs.


  • [Bug Fix] Special characters creating duplicate entries in Contacts.
  • [Bug Fix] Unable to email people from Contacts where names contain non-ascii characters (version 7.3 & up).
  • [Bug Fix] Global Contacts cannot be dragged and dropped into user's contacts (E.g. "Personal" List).
  • [Bug Fix] When a contact is dragged and dropped into "Favourites" from another list, the list doesn't refresh to display the "Star” to indicate that the action succeeded.
  • [Improvement] User contacts can be imported via both .vcf and .csv formats.


  • [Bug Fix] Special characters creating duplicate entries in Calendars.
  • [Bug Fix] Calendar event timezone not updating when default timezone is changed in settings.
  • [Bug Fix] Webmail hangs upon inviting attendees.
  • [New Feature] Set preferred “start day” for the week. (Access via the Settings tab).


  • [Bug Fix] Uploading file error logs but doesn’t display to the end-user.
  • [Bug Fix] Folder rename cannot be enabled by double click on folder when attempted immediately after folder is created. 
  • [Bug Fix] When a shared link is accessed for a file where the share has been disabled, the user is not given a message.
  • [Bug Fix] Sub Folders cannot be renamed in version 7.3.1 and up.
  • [Improvement] Error message given when attempting to add a folder with invalid characters was not user friendly or correctly aligned.
  • [Improvement] Display of create/rename folder error information. 
  • [Improvement] SECURITY: New filters/validation models for the Storage Controller and all associated actions.

System & Administration: 

  • [Bug Fix] “Domain Disabled” bug in Webmail Only installations. 
  • [Bug Fix] UI inconsistencies between desktop and mobile UI when logging in.
  • [Bug Fix] Sign-up page does not reflect custom branding specified in the Admin Interface.
  • [Bug Fix] Web Admin User >> Top Right Corner Menu (Colour Theme, Settings, Help, Logout) closes on mouse over, prior to user click.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed siteBaseUrl variable for “stop.png” file. 
  • [Bug Fix] API fix for multiple calls (folder, groups and settings).
  • [Bug Fix] Admin Interface >> Create User >> "User DOB" field input doesn't get saved
  • [Bug Fix] Admin Interface >> Edit User form doesn't have JS validations to restrict invalid characters being typed in or pasted.
  • [Bug Fix] Admin Interface >> Import Users doesn't have validations to restrict certain invalid characters (e.g. !,$,%) to be included in username resulting in creating a user that cannot be used or deleted.
  • [Bug Fix] Admin Interface >> Update User If update user validation fails due to username being left empty/blank, even if username is populated with valid values in consecutive attempt, an error message continues to be displayed "Username Cannot be empty”.
  • [Bug Fix] SECURITY: Webmail User >> Storage: Folders can be renamed to have invalid characters although it is not allowed when adding a folder.
  • [Bug Fix] Admin Interface >> User Manager: Adding an invalid domain: Screen is refreshed hiding all additional domains available in cloud account and only displays primary cloud account
  • [Bug Fix] One-Touch iOS Provisioning (iPad/iPhone) sets default SMTP server as and user cannot send emails.
  • [Bug Fix] testbackend.php does not product any output
  • [Bug Fix] Admin Interface >> User Manager >>Import Users: If email addresses in the CSV file contain a space before comma separating the first name, users are not linked or displayed.
  • [Bug Fix] Appliance: wrong path in the update-script (applicance instead of appliance).
  • [Bug Fix] SECURITY: Webmail Only: When upgrading license key, users exposed on GroupwareZone, SharedAbook. (7.0.2 & up)
  • [Bug Fix] Web installer errors when inputting license details if the license has already been installed.
  • [Bug Fix] Where more than 20 domains exist in the system, they cannot be removed. 
  • [Bug Fix] DAV backend authentication will fail if remote domains are locked.
  • [Improvement] During installation - an error is now displayed if the PHP session directory doesn’t have correct access permissions. 
  • [Improvement] For the final step of the Webmail-only installation, (Installation Complete), a warning message regarding the log clean script is now displayed on a red-div.
  • [Improvement] Admin >> Services >> Mobility >> iOS Profiles enabled by default.
  • [Improvement] “Remember Me” now titled “Leave me signed in”.
  • [Improvement] Forcing a software update from a specific version no longer processes all versions.
  • [Improvement] Autocomplete enabled for “New User” and “Edit User” in User Manager.
  • [Improvement] Mobile interface - no longer missing option to move message.
  • [Improvement] Improved error message content for when incorrect username or password is used in an attempt to login to the Admin Interface.
  • [Improvement] Support for multiple sessions.
  • [Improvement] Supported browsers listed on the login page link to the latest versions of those browsers. 
  • [Improvement] The self signed SSL certificate created on fresh installation does not reference Atmail.
  • [Improvement] Removed redundant CSS files from the installation.
  • [Improvement] Update character set and field size settings to attain consistency throughout the MySQL database.
  • [Improvement] Improved passing of information from plugins. 
  • [Improvement] Allow plugins to either return a filename or message in order to override the standard welcome message.
  • [Improvement] Increased configuration options for the iOS profile in the WebAdmin.
  • [New Feature] Maintenance Page.


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