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Update 7.2.3

Stewart -

March 19, 2014


  • Fixed handling of ics attachments when CalDavServer is disabled.
  • Fixed notifications with IE11 in 3 pane mode
  • Corrected variable usage in favicon
  • Saved colour / theme from top right dropdown
  • Fixed errors written to info log rather than error log
  • Corrected SQL errors when InnoDB module not available
  • Fixed Anti-Spam settings bug with message classification setting set to "Move to spam folder"
  • Fixed compose mail > email address filter bug when magic_quotes_gpc is set 1.
  • Fixed regression with Mobile UI add calendar event
  • Corrected IMAP error response triggering bad exception that caused a PHP fatal
  • Fixed UI issues for subjects in email in 3 pane view
  • Fixed symbol "&" in subject line which was rendered as "&"
  • Fixed “reply all” discarding changes and reloading composer in quick reply
  • Fixed Reply/Reply All actions on a specific node within the thread
  • Fixed relatedMessageMessageID validation not accepting some message id formats


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