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Major Update 7.2.1

Stewart -

February 14, 2014

General and/or Installation:

  • System Installation and Configuration improvements
  • Increased Translation Support
  • Multiple Security Improvements
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Improved IE support
  • User Interface Improvements
  • Various CSS fixes
  • Improved Translation Support


  • New “Show More Tabs” arrow
  • Drag & Drop for email attachments
  • Tab selection
  • Cache
  • Message reply
  • Next/Previous message navigation
  • Icon hovering
  • Unicode characters (Settings > Email Filters)
  • Overlapping interface (Advanced Search)
  • Tab titles in “Two Pane” view
  • File attachments with single quotes in filename


  • Fixed icon in contacts pane
  • Improved colour theme support
  • Autocomplete returns personal contacts
  • Close and page navigation buttons in contact search
  • Removal of remembered contacts from personal contacts


  • Improved text handling within calendar invitations
  • Calendar alarms having long titles
  • Editing calendar names
  • Fixed name overflow
  • Sharing calendars with external email addresses
  • MS Outlook invitations losing timezone information on accept/edit
  • “Blank” titles for event reminders
  • Improved support for shell scripts via webmail/utilities/calendar/


  • Prevention of blank task list names being recorded
  • Fixes for name overflow


  • Improved filename character support

 Settings & Web Admin:

  • Improved colour theme support
  • Added missing save button (Service Providers pane)
  • Resolved issue with map tool


  • Improved Microsoft Outlook support (Contacts, Calendars)


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