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Update 7.0.1

Stewart -

Jan 22, 2013


  • Corrected yum issues during RPM installation
  • Corrected UserManager Add/Remove buttons covering lowest domain
  • Fixed logo for webmail and admin
  • Fixed grey line at bottom of composer and thread view
  • Fixed various CSS issues
  • Updated User-Agent string
  • Corrected version naming inside css comments
  • Corrected subadmin permission error when adding user
  • Correcting paths for some images in admin
  • Fixed paths for error phtml
  • Corrected image paths for help
  • Corrected searching text overwriting email view, now removes blockUI on load
  • Fixed push available for trial licenses
  • Fixed logo on login page to be correct dimensions
  • Purge users script for trunk Atmail, important utility
  • Corrected dependency list


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