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Measuring filesystem performance with filebench

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How well is my Atmail system performing.


  • On-Premise Server + WebMail Installations: Version 6.0 > Current Version
  • Webmail Only Installations: Version 6.0 > Current Version


You may want to get some metrics on the raw IOPS data of your server. Given that Atmail heavily relies on many small read-write operations, it's good to know how well your system can perform under heavy load.

This guide covers instructions on how to use filebench, an open source storage and filesystem benchmarking system.


  1. Download the latest version of filebench from:
    % wget ""
  2. Extract and install:
    % tar xvfz  filebench-
    % cd filebench-
    % ./configure && make && make install
  3. After the install completes, run the command:
    % filebench
  4. This will show the filebench shell. On the shell, specify the workload you need to use. For this example, we will use the varmail workload:
    > load varmail
  5. The varmail workload contains these parameters, which is used to approximate email processing:
    set $dir=/tmp
    set $nfiles=1000
    set $meandirwidth=1000000
    set $meanfilesize=16k
    set $nthreads=16
    set $iosize=1m
    set $meanappendsize=16k
  6. Specify the directory:
    > set $dir=/usr/local/atmail/users/
  7. Run the command for your specified time. We recommend a space of 10 minutes:
    > run 600
  8. This will show an output of how many operations are accomplished in a second, along with approximate speeds of each file operation type. A sample output is as follows:
     closefile4           63420ops     1057ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     1461us/op-cpu [0ms - 7ms]
    readfile4            63421ops     1057ops/s  15.6mb/s      0.0ms/op     1526us/op-cpu [0ms - 13ms]
    openfile4            63421ops     1057ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     1496us/op-cpu [0ms - 1ms]
    closefile3           63421ops     1057ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     1439us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
    fsyncfile3           63421ops     1057ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.4ms/op     2555us/op-cpu [0ms - 17ms]
    appendfilerand3      63423ops     1057ops/s   8.2mb/s      0.0ms/op     1636us/op-cpu [0ms - 14ms]
    readfile3            63428ops     1057ops/s  16.2mb/s      0.0ms/op     1514us/op-cpu [0ms - 13ms]
    openfile3            63430ops     1057ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     1500us/op-cpu [0ms - 1ms]
    closefile2           63430ops     1057ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.0ms/op     1424us/op-cpu [0ms - 0ms]
    fsyncfile2           63431ops     1057ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.4ms/op     2573us/op-cpu [0ms - 16ms]
    appendfilerand2      63434ops     1057ops/s   8.2mb/s      0.0ms/op     1626us/op-cpu [0ms - 13ms]
    createfile2          63436ops     1057ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.1ms/op     1952us/op-cpu [0ms - 13ms]
    deletefile1          63436ops     1057ops/s   0.0mb/s      0.1ms/op     1815us/op-cpu [0ms - 14ms]
    8812: 72.141: IO Summary: 824552 ops, 13741.481 ops/s, (2114/2114 r/w),  48.4mb/s,    631us cpu/op,   0.3ms latency


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