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Universal Disclaimer For Messages

Nathan Salt -


I want to add a disclaimer to messages, regardless of client used.


  • On-Premise Server + WebMail Installations: Version 6.0 > Current Version
  • Webmail Only Installations: Version 6.0 > Current Version


The Footer message is appended only to emails send via the WebMail Client, not to all emails.


  1. Download altermime from:

  2. Untar and install Altermime.

    tar xvfz altermime-0.3.8.tar.gz
    cd altermime-0.3.8
    make; make install
  3. Open up your /usr/local/atmail/mailserver/configure file, and look for the following line:

    driver = smtp
  4. Add this directly beneath the above line:

    transport_filter="/usr/local/bin/altermime --multipart-insert --force-into-b64 --disclaimer-html=/usr/local/atmail/mailserver/.dischtml --disclaimer=/usr/local/atmail/mailserver/.discplain --input=- --force-for-bad-html"

  5. Create the files /usr/local/atmail/mailserver/.dischtml and /usr/local/atmail/mailserver/.discplain for HTML and Plaintext disclaimers, respectively.

  6. Restart Exim

    kill -HUP `cat /usr/local/atmail/mailserver/spool/`
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